5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Low Intensity Training Workouts

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has sent less intensity training approach behind the scene as most of the people now prefer to do HIIT. You will hardly find people who still follow short period of jogging, jumping squats and sprints etc. There are few reasons why you still need to include less intense but longer workouts in your workout regimen.

1) Moderate Intensity is more Enjoyable than Higher Intensity

Majority of the people don’t want to push themselves into high intensity training which requires lots of passion, repetition and maximum efforts within shorter period of time. If you also like to do some easier workouts, you better follow less intense workouts for longer period. When you follow low intense workouts, your body still burns calories and you feel even more relaxed and energetic and get maximum benefits come that are usually come with high-intensity training.

2) Beginner or Sedentary

If you have just begun your training program and haven’t practiced lots of exercises for 2-3 months. You need to include low intensive and moderate intensive workouts into your program. Additionally, if you have not been actively doing your workouts for the last few months, you must not begin with high intense training, instead, you should begin with low intense exercises.

When you begin with low intensity, you can gradually increase the amount of time and the level of intensity. Once you are able to perform at least twenty minutes of workout 3-5 times a week for about a month, you can include HIIT exercises.

3) Training for Events

Human body is fully capable to adapt the changes and specific stimulation and triggers which means if you practice a certain type of exercise, your body will be best at it. For example, if you are a marathon runner, you have to take longer runs and you will be best at this specific activity which will not just help you with your cardiorespiratory organism, but will also make your connective tissues stronger.

The fitness experts and training specialists suggest that one should include 1-2 bouts of training that follow steady state in your workout each week. This will improve your strength and stamina and you will find it much easier to play better for much longer period.

4) Lower Risk of Injuries

When you perform high-intensity interval training, your body goes through comparatively more tough condition. An increased amount of intensity that is put to certain body area during training, give stress and pressure on muscles as well as connective tissues which sometime lead inflammation. The inflammation can be very serious and chronic in case, you don’t let your body have proper time for recovery.

5) Burning Calories without Burning Yourself

If your main goal is to get maximum weight loss, you might not be able to burn maximum number of calories while following only HIIT. Too much level of intensity often burn hurt muscles and if you want to avoid side effects of HIIT while still burning calories, you should also include some moderate-intensity workouts with steady-state for 1 hour duration.