5 Simple Reasons – Why Fail to be Successful?

Reason # 1: Failing is the Process of Experiencing Revelation

Lifters are usually afraid of being failed but they don’t know that failure is good for them. If someone who claims never to fail a lift, he has actually missed the chances of progressing more in a safer environment. When you fail, you go through the experience of revelation during your lifts. Don’t take it as a wrong or negative thing but it is actually a great way to suppress your weaknesses.

Reason # 2: Find and Hit Your Limits

The expert coaches have their lifters to begin with technical maxes on deadlift, bench and squat. The lifters are allowed to take 3 attempts with an increased weight. In the first 2 attempts, they are required to go for solid attempt while in the 3rd attempt, they actually hit their limits. Every lifter must know his limits as knowing it will enable him to try harder to do more.

Reason # 3: Get Closer to Your Limits

When you are failed, you learn not just your limits but also learn what makes you failed and the next time you focus on the reasons of your failure. It also enables you to trainer at least near to your limits which can bring you even closer every time you take attempt. It is not something that makes you discourage but you bring yourself into the line of progression and repression.

Reason # 4: Learn How to Fail Safely

Failing is important but you must know that it should be within safety because unsafe failure can also be very dangerous for you. Your first lifting fails can be unplanned, uncontrolled and unexpected and surely you get the higher chances to injuries especially because of the panic.

How to fail safely is an important topic and of course it cannot be covered in few lines. Therefore, you should try to study as much as you can about this particular failure which is not at all bad and if you feel that your trainer is making you fail, he is actually making you get succeeded.

Reason # 5: It’s All About Moving Forward

Remember attempting failed or successful is not your final destination but you have to go ahead and your actual destination is far from you but you get closer to it every time you fail or get succeeded. This approach releases you from the tension and pressure of getting failed as you treat it like you are simply attempting for the better performance in future.


Hopefully, you have learnt how failure can lead you to the way of success. You don’t have to worry about it or get disappointed. The relationship between failure and success is not just about the lifts but it covers your whole life activities. Every time you fail in doing anything, you learn something new which might be your weakness, your limits, your capability, wrong strategies, etc. The most important thing about it is that you learn how it feels to be failed.