5 Surprising Benefits of Running with Your Dog

If you’ve been looking for a running buddy and are wondering “is it good to run with your dog,” it absolutely is! You’ll be hard put to find a more perfect running companion. 

Running is one of the best forms of exercise, not only for you but also for your dog. It keeps your heart healthy, increases stamina, and offers a host of mental and physical benefits. 

Still not convinced? Here’s what you need to know about jogging with dogs and how it can benefit both of you. 

Health Benefits

Today, most of us are glued to our work desks for a major chunk of the day, leaving us struggling to make time for healthy physical activities including working out. 

So, if you’re still questioning “is it good to run with your dog,” you should know that going on a run with your dog is one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to get your daily dose of fitness! 

Running is known to offer a wide range of health benefits, both physical and mental. Here are a few major benefits of running: 

  • Helps lose weight
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Strengthens your back and knees
  • Improves stamina
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Increases life span
  • Reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s
  •  Improves mental well-being

If you think running only improves your health and are questioning “is running good for dogs,” it is! Going on a run with your exotic dog breeds will keep your dog’s health in check as well. Dogs need regular exercise to be able to release their pent-up energy. If they spend too much time cooped up indoors, it can affect their health as well as their temperament and behavior. 

When you go running with your dog every day, it has a huge positive impact on their physical health while also improving their mental health. Just like running improves our mood and helps us stress, it can have the same impact on dogs too. 

Running every day can help your dog shed excess weight, strengthen their knees, and improve their heart health. For example, all types of beagles are prone to obesity and running every day can help prevent that from happening.

However, you need to be a little careful about how much you run with your dog. If your dog is one of the popular sporting dog breeds, feel free to take it along on long runs and hikes. But if you have a small breed, an hour of outdoor activity is enough for them.

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Strengthens Your Bond

Besides the fact that running is an excellent exercise for you and your canine, it is a great activity for you to bond with your pet. 

Going for a jog every day with your dog is an excellent way to establish a playful schedule. 

Now, if you’re wondering, “can I run with my dog every day,” sure, you can! Dogs love running and they love routine. So why not dedicate some time every day to go for a nice run with your four-legged companion? Not only will you have a playtime specially dedicated for you and your dog, but knowing that you have to take your dog out for a run will also get you moving. 

The special bond you will develop with your dog may just be the biggest benefit.

Provides Motivation

Exercising, even running, is not always fun. In fact, for most people, exercising is often a chore and people tend to get tired and give up on it. 

When you’re new to running and doing it alone, you’ll most likely cover only half the distance you had planned. Some days you might not even want to go for a jog out of sheer laziness or lack of motivation. 

But having your dog by your side who’s become used to the running schedule will help keep you in check. Your dog will push you to run faster and for longer. 

Dogs have an infectious energy. Having your dog bounding alongside you will keep you motivated throughout your run! 

And if you’re thinking, “when can I start jogging with my puppy,” there’s no time like today! If not a run, you can start with a brisk walk and slowly graduate to jogging with your dog. 

Saves Time

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 

House chores, job, working out, taking your dog for a walk — there’s often a lot on our plates. 

But when you start running with your dog, that’s two big things off your to-do list! This will save so much of your time while offering so many health benefits for you and your dog. Now, can dogs run everyday? They sure can! Just make sure you don’t push your dog too much. Take breaks and keep your dog hydrated! 

Improves Behavior

Dogs that have too much pent-up energy are more likely to engage in destructive behaviors such as gnawing, burrowing, pacing, or licking excessively. They may become hyperactive, overly excited, and agitated. This can also lead to attention-seeking behaviors such as whimpering, pouncing, and howling. 

This often occurs because the dog has not spent enough time exercising or playing outdoors and has excess energy that it does not know what to do with. It is also a symptom of boredom. 

Releasing this pent-up energy is crucial, especially for dogs who have abandonment issues or are violent toward other pets while out on runs. Jogging can help address these problems by giving an enjoyable outlet for your dog to let out some steam while having fun with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Miles Can Your Dog Run?

When considering “how long should I run with my dog,” there are various factors to take into account. When trained properly, several dogs are able to cover a distance of around 5-8 miles. Some dog breeds are extremely sporty and athletic and can cover more distance than other breeds. 

Is Too Much Running Bad For Your Dog?

Yes, too much exercise can also take a toll on their bodies. While running every day is good to release their energy, pushing them too hard can cause dehydration, body aches, and can even hurt their paws.

How Often Should I Run With My Dog?

You can go for a run with your dog every day, so long as you don’t overdo it. Follow a routine and take frequent breaks to rest and hydrate both yourself and your dog. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t end up injuring itself. 

Running is a great form of exercise, and when you run with your dog, you take it to another level of enjoyment! Hopefully, you no longer have to wonder is it good to run with your dog?

If you’re not a runner, start with taking your dog for walks every day with short bursts of sprinting. You can slowly increase your speed as you get more comfortable with running with your dog. It’s never too late to start!