5 Top Fitness apps You Should Consider

Today, numerous fitness apps have emerged on the market. It has become a hassle to know what are the best fitness apps to pick. This happened because more people have started to realize the benefits of fitness apps. 

If you are choosing a fitness app, you need constituency in your workout. That’s the only way you can reap the countless benefits they offer. It is also a great way to showcase how technology can help us. 

Fitness apps

When you have the right fitness app, it acts as your training partner or virtual personal trainer that keeps you motivated. Nevertheless, not all fitness apps are made equal. Some are better than others. If you want the best fitness app, read on: 

  • 8fit 

This is one of the greatest fitness apps on the market. The app helps to bring meal planning and on-demand workouts. With this app, you can create a personalized program to exercise and check your diet depending on your target results. 

The app is suitable if you like a lot of reminders, instructions, suggestions, and guidance. You can choose your goals – to lose weight, gain muscles or get fitter. After that, you can make your goals more specific. 

8fit app will consider various details: the time you plan to exercise, simple meal preparation, and more. You can easily reach your target goals. 

  • Charity Miles

Charity Miles app is the other fitness app not to miss. With this app, it will donate money to any organization of your wish after you use it to run, walk or bicycle. 

The sponsors of the app have agreed to donate money after you complete a mile. However, you have to agree to see their brand and information through the app.

Additionally, you can also use this app and run pledge drives. It has a calculator that shows you the amount of money you make after meeting different goals. 

When the app was created, it was to help you exercise and support different nonprofit organizations. Some of the app beneficiaries include UNICEF, Wounded Warrior Project, Save the Children, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, ASPCA, and Habitat for Humanity.

  • FitOn 

Like other fitness apps, FitOn has workouts you can do depending on the present time, type of workout you want, and intensity level. It has various workouts such as yoga, stretching, butt and thighs, abs, and more. 

If you choose to wear a connected heart rate monitor, on the screen, you will see your heart rate. It also has a leaderboard, and you can use it to compete with your friends or other users. 

The app offers you some free perks, such as video workouts. However, to get more from the app, you should subscribe to them. 

  • Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is another amazing app for fitness. Whether you have a Fitbit tracker or not, this app can help you get to your target goals. Besides, this app has additional workout videos and can help you nearly anywhere. You will also find all types of options such as stair workouts and stretching routines. 

The app has a free and premium account. If you choose a free account, it has limited workouts. This app is suitable when you want to hear a real human voice in a video. 

  • Jefit

This is a workout app that aims to give you strength rather than just focus on weight loss or muscle gain. However, you can use it to design various types of workouts. It is a fitness app equipped with a bank of exercises, and you can explore them depending on the muscle group you are targeting. 

An outstanding thing about Jefit, it has tools for logging the number of reps you do. You can also use it to keep records through the calendar. 

The downside of the app is that it’s an ad-supported app having limited features. If you pay for elite membership, you unlock advanced features and remove the ads. Some of the features to enjoy include goal settings, charts, and video-based exercise instructions.Make sure to share the information about the best fitness apps with likeminded people offline or through your social media pages. If you have a fitness related blog on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, share this post or you could make your own threat using the information given here so that more people can join your health journey.