5 Workouts for Couch Potatoes to Get Rid of Sedentary Lifestyle

Life has got too busy and most of the people don’t even have time to take exercises but there are still some who have time yet don’t do exercises or they get too tired when they come back to home from job and just want to sit on a comfortable couch, watch TV and eat whatever they have. In fact, these are the people who live sedentary lifestyle and commonly known as couch potatoes. Those couch potatoes don’t even want to know that the exercises can help them get rid of stress and make them healthy, relaxed and active. If you are one of those, you can learn about some of very good workout for you.

1) Couch Pushups

You can have couch pushups by kneeling on your sofa with arms placed on ground apart shoulder width. Now lower your body by bending elbows and chest and then push back up. During the whole exercise, you must try to keep your entire body straight in a line. Performing this exercise at least twenty times can help you get sculpted and toned arms.

2) Seated Scissors

The other exercise that you can have to get rid of your sedentary lifestyle is seated scissors. Get closer to seat edge and sit on couch seat straight up while your legs are lengthened straight in front of you. Now cross your legs similar to the scissors way. Performing seated scissors at least fifty times can help you get improved stomach, strong legs and core.

3) Couch Lunges

Couch Lunge is considered to be an effective exercise for toning butt and thighs. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it even when you are watching TV. To perform this exercise place your one leg on floor or on sofa and then step forward by lading on heels. While you are performing this, remember that your body weight should be resting on front heel which will enable you to shake toes and lift them off floor.

4) Bridge Kicks

Another great exercise for toning butts and thighs is bridge kicks which can be performed by lying down on your back while your both arms are placing at your sides. When you take the position, lift your hips up while your butts are squeezed and bring your body in a straight line. Now try to rise on of the legs as high as possible and stay in that position as long as you can and then lower it down and do the same with the other leg. You can perform three sets of twelve reps on each leg.

5) Core Exercise

The core exercise can be performed by lying down on couch while your neck has the support. Now raise your lower body up and do a crunch which should be held for a second and then released. By performing and repeating this exercise 20 times, you can get a lean and sculpted core.

Final Words

Include these 5 exercises in your routine workouts and learn how effective they are in helping you improve your overall body health and lifestyle.