6 Best Leg Workouts for Women at Home Gym – Part 1

The importance of sexy, beautiful and sculpted legs cannot be denied especially in case of a woman who has everything to attract the people except sexy legs. If you are one of those women, you must be looking for something to get beautiful legs. There are a number of leg workouts available which have been exclusively designed for women to help them enhance the charm of their beauty by reshaping their legs. Moreover, it is also important to know that there are some exercises which can be performed at home by the women without going to gym or any other place. This is especially helpful for those women who don’t usually have time because of their busy life schedule. Here you will find some of great leg exercises which are recommended by the experts for women.

Leg Workout Routine for Women

1) The squat

The squat is considered to be the most effective workout for women. This is not just effective in toning legs muscles but it will also be useful in toning up other important muscles in your body such as your buttock, thighs and calf muscles. This is an amazingly simple but best leg workout for women, for which, you just have to stand on your feet maintaining the width of the shoulders. Your feet should be in a flat position right to the floor while your hands are put on your sides. In the second move, slowly and carefully bring down the body weight just like you have a chair on which you are going to sit. Now stay in this position for half of a minutes or less and then go back to your previous position. You can repeat this move 10-12 times. Once you complete one set of 10-12 reps, take some rest before you go for the 2nd set. If you feel comfortable you can also perform the third set of the same reps. The squat leg workout women should be performed once a week and if you feel comfortable you can increase it to twice a week.

2) Toe Raise

Women leg workout also includes Toe Raise which is a simple workout and especially useful for calf muscles. Like the squat, this can also be performed at the comfort of your home without going to gym. Stand up on your feet, put your feet on edge of a smooth step and maintain shoulder width. If you think you may not be able to maintain your balance, it is better to hold something to maintain your body’s stability. Once you have come to the right position, give a lift to your heels. You will have to stand on your toes and try to stand as long as you can. This will push all your body weight to your toes. Now lower down your heels to bring back to the original position. This is a simple workout and you can perform twenty repetitions in the beginning.

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