6 Best Leg Workouts for Women at Home Gym – Part 2

In the previous post, we mentioned 2 effective leg workouts for women and this post has been create in continuity with the remaining workouts starting from number 3.

3) Wall sits

Wall sits is not a leg workout for women at gym but this is the simplest workout that you can perform at your home with no weight. Stand up on your feet with your back on the wall. Stand straight and then slowly slide your body down to the floor. Keep moving until your knees come into the position when they make a 90 degrees angel. However, you should remember that during the whole process, your back side should be touching with the wall behind you. When your knees have made 90 degrees angel, pause here for a few seconds before you go back to your previous position. This exercise can be performed more or less twenty times.

4) Leg Extension

Leg Extension is an intense leg workout for women and it works on front area of thigh or quadriceps. Leg extension machines are not usually available at home and you have to go to gym to perform this exercise. When you have access to the leg extension machine, sit on it while your feet are putting under the machine’s padded bar. Now you need to raise your feet slowly. Carefully and slowly keep raising your feet until you feel that your legs are tightly stretched. Pause for a few second before you lower down the feet to the previous position. You can perform two sets of twenty repetitions at least twice a week.

5) Jumping

Jumping on a mini trampoline is another great workout which requires you to spend some dollars but the result will be great. If you are the one who don’t have time to go to gym for using cardio machines, you can use this simple equipment to jump on it. This is simple yet effective leg workout for women at Home. This equipment will not just save your precious time but also help you to avoid other problems that you have to face at the gym.

6) Uphill walking

You might also like to use uphill walking leg workout routines for women. If you are walking on an incline, you better have a treadmill that can provide a 15 degree incline. You can simply walk on an incline treadmill for about twenty minutes every day.

Women Leg Workout Routine & Nutrition Requirements

No matter how effective exercises you are using or how expensive equipment you are using for toning your leg muscles, if you have not chosen the right foods that can fulfill your nutrition requirement of your body, you cannot get the desired results. Therefore, you must have a proper diet plan along with your exercises so you can get the muscles mass as soon as possible. Provide your body with all the protein, vitamins and minerals. Immediately cut out the junk food, processed foods, sugary foods and alcohol. Leg toning workout for women must be accompanied with a proper diet plan.


Building muscles in any part of your body require time and if you can’t wait to see the results but just expecting everything to happen within a few days or weeks, you cannot get the desired results. With patience and dedication you can change your simple workout into a killer leg workout for women.