6 Most Important Deadlifting Tips

Deadlift is a great muscle building exercise which helps you work with almost each part of your body that involves in muscle building process such as back, butt, legs, arms, shoulders and traps. Deadlift gives brilliant results even to the skinniest guys who are trying to bulk up. However, the inexperienced weight lifters rarely practice with using the correct form of deadlift. In fact, the majority of beginning lifters lift up the bar with the hips which gives bad results. These are some deadlift tips and tricks which will help you perform this exercised in right form.



When you are deadliting, it is really important to wear the shoes with solid flat soles to avoid possible problems. If your footwear has slippery or soft soles, it might not only be disturbing for you but can also put you at the risk to get injured. Since, you better wear the shoes with hard soles.


It has been observed in some cases that the beginning lifters wear the gloves while they are doing weight lifting exercises. But it is highly advised not to wear gloves as these can cause you lose your grip over the bar which can lead to dropping of dumbbells.

Eyes Direction

The body mechanism is designed in such an order that it is habitual of following the direction of your head which means where your eyes focus at. If you turn your head down, surely your body will go downward and will make it difficult for you to lift the weight up. Since, you really need to set a position on front wall so that you can focus your eyes straight on the wall rather than floor or ceiling.

3 Ways to Grip

One of the most important things to learn about deadlift is the way to grip the bar. There are three different ways that you can use to grip while performing deadlift i.e double overhand, alternated and wrist straps. The alternated way is good in the sense that in this case you put both of your hands on the bar in opposite direction which does not let the bar roll down. However, the best of the three is considered double overhand because of its ability to increases the strength and grip.

Even Stronger Grip

To increase grip strength and to make it even stronger, you can rub your hands with some chalk powder. This will remove any oily substances from the surface of your palms and you will get confident enough to lift the bars.

How to Breathe

The way to breathe is an interesting and effective trick for muscle building workouts. If you know how to breathe while you are training, this will boost your learning level as almost all the exercises directly involve breathing. Especially when you are deadlifting, you can use a simple breathing technique to get better result. Pull a deep breath and hold it until you use your legs to lift the deadlift and then slowly breathe out.