6 Tips To Living With OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a condition whereby a person has repetitive thoughts and behaviors that they cannot control. The condition can be destructive, especially if not controlled though there are steps that you can take to live with it. These recurring thoughts can sometimes cause anxiety in the individuals where they develop fear such as the fear of germs, abnormal cravings, obsessions and sometimes even thoughts about hurting themselves or other people.

Because OCD symptoms are unpredictable and can either improve or worsen over time, you need to control your behavior to keep high levels of energy. Below is the self-care needed and tips to living with OCD.

Strictly follow your prescriptions

It is important to follow the instructions on the specified dosage and stick to it. This is because you can be easily tempted to use other drugs like cigarettes, which have a stimulating effect or alcohol, which might trigger OCD symptoms. Though drinking alcohol might seem like a good option to offset your anxiety, it can make it worse.

Take ample rest

Stress often triggers anxiety and can make it hard for you to sleep, but understand that sleep is very important for your mental health. If you are having issues sleeping, create a sleep routine to relax your body. You might also consider including relaxation techniques such as listening to relaxing music, yoga, meditation, having a warm bath, dim any noise or light and adjust the room temperature before you sleep. All these will help your body to calm down and relax, enabling you to sleep better.

Never skip your medication

It’s not easy to live with medication because of the side effects that come with it, but if you have OCD, you need to take your meds as prescribed and at the right time because skipping a dose could trigger your symptoms. In case you have any side effects, visit the physician and report any behavioral changes that you notice as well as ask questions to learn more about the condition.

Join a support group

Many people with OCD know and understand how to cope with the challenges that one faces when they have OCD. Do not live in loneliness and seek support either from your doctor, a therapist or a support group where you can connect with people who understand. By participating in group therapy you will get the social support you need to discuss your illness, challenges and how to handle the symptoms.

Take the right foods

You need the right diet to be able to maintain a healthy life. Eat healthy food to ensure that your blood sugar level is balanced and avoid feeling exhausted. Begin with small meals in the morning and then transition to larger meals during lunch and dinner. Your meals should be healthy and include proteins like eggs, beans, and meat, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid any stimulants or caffeine, soda, and energy drinks which can raise your anxiety levels.


Get active to reduce anxiety by doing regular exercise such as jogging or taking a walk to maintain low cortisol levels.

Apart from doing the above, have courage, whether you make small or big progress and celebrate your successes as well as the setbacks. Find out more about OCD treatment and management on https://www.anxietyocdbala.com/.