7 Important & Effective Principles to Build Muscles with Consistency

Principle # 1: Don’t Lift Light, Lift Heavy

You might have seen so many people at the gym who lift lighter and can’t reach to the failure point. Now the simple principle to grow your muscles is to push them to the point where they can actually find it easier to get stronger and bigger. When you use resistance technique to contract muscles, you actually make tears in your muscle fibers. The ideal rep range to get your muscles stronger and bigger is 6-12 reps along with comparatively heavier weights.

Principle #2: Progressive Training

The second principle to build muscles is that you should try to increase the weight every week. In the beginning of your training, strength training must be faster and will give your body a reason to keep growing or else it will go through the plateau which will halt your progress.

Principle # 3: Make Sure Your Failure

The third rule is that you must try to reach to the failure point while lifting which means most of your sets should reach to the failure point. For example, if you are doing a 6-12 rep range, you better try to fail anywhere in between. Remember if you are able to do more than twelve reps, you should increase the amount of weight. On contrary, if you are unable to reach even 6 reps, it is the time where you really need to decease the weight to fail. Failure is your success and you must achieve it.

Principle # 4: Shorter Sessions Rather Than Longer

It has been accepted by all muscles building gurus that overtraining or longer workouts cause to drop the level of testosterone which is the most important muscle building hormone. Therefore, the best duration for workouts should be between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The resting time in between two sets is 60-90 seconds.

Principle # 5: Using Correct Forms

Using the right form is something of more importance; if you use a bad form, it will cause various problems and greatly affect the results. For example, if you are using more weight than you can handle, you actually increase the risks to get injuries and should not be ignored as injuries can also affect your mental strengths along with physical.

Principle # 6: Well-Structured Workouts

The major secret of your success is your well-structured workouts and you should go from heavier to lower. You can begin with compound lifts with heavy low such as bench press and then move to the isolation exercises with lighter rep such as chest flyes. In the beginning, you feel more energetic and can easily handle the heavier loads but in later stages it becomes difficult.

Principle # 7: Structure Is Key

Last but not the least, you are going to discover the most important principle for building muscles and that is research. You can’t simply follow what you have been doing because there are constant updates and improvements, therefore, you must do proper research to keep yourself fully updated.