7 Reasons Why YOU are not Gaining Muscles

Bodybuilding and physical fitness are geared towards getting a better physique and increase in overall strength and vitality. Yet there are many fitness enthusiasts out there that make an effort to gain muscle mass or increased strength and fail at one or the other. There could be a number of reasons behind this debacle. The seven reasons given below cover most of the common scenarios and readers will definitely gain from reading this article.

1) Not Getting Enough Calories

This is the first and basic reason why people don’t gain muscle. Based upon your height, weight, muscle mass and activity level, a BMR or basic metabolic rate is calculated for you. You will gain weight if your calorie intake exceeds that needed to maintain your BMR and will lose weight if your calorie intake is less than that.

If you want to gain muscle, eat 500 calories extra by raising your food intake or perhaps by using a natural appetite stimulant, and if you want to lose, take 500 calories less than what is required to maintain your daily BMR.

2) Not Eating the Right Foods

The second reason people don’t gain muscle is that they do not eat the right foods or take it in the right proportion for muscle growth. It is recommended to keep a ratio of 30/50/20 for the proportion of calories you get from proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your diet.

3) Not Eating Enough Meals

Modern science has proved that it is more beneficial for humans to eat 6 small meals each day that are evenly spaced. However due to time and work constraints, the best thing is to eat more at breakfast, lunch and dinner and spread the rest over the remaining three meals at convenient times of the day. You should be eating every 2 hours or so for best results.

4) Not Getting Enough Water

Water is nature’s way of hydrating and lubricating every cell in your body. We tend to drink more water in summer and less in winter due to sweat. Dehydration could be caused by depletion of water level and essential salts and minerals. Be sure to carry a bottle with you and drink water before and after your workout.

5) Not Having a Good Workout Routine

Your workout routine should match with your fitness level, age, activity at work and body type. There are separate workout levels for beginners, professionals and those in between. Each of these varies in type of exercises and intensity

6) Using the Same Workout Too Long

The body is an adaptable machine. By using the same age old routines for a long time, we will not grow but only hit a plateau. Muscle building occurs only when the body is forced to respond to more pressure or increased workloads.

7) Not Focused on Progression

Last but not the least, it is important to realize that progression in working out or using increased weights is the only way to gain muscle mass or strength. This combined with adequate rest and a good diet is all there is to it.