7 Reasons To Use the Rower Every Time You Workout

Rowing is one of the best exercises that will help keep you fit and strong. It is not just a fun outdoor activity or a sport that you often watch during the Olympics every four years. Rowing is actually a highly effective form of exercise.

The best thing about this workout is that you can choose to do it alone or with friends. It is basically a physical activity that anybody can do, indoors or outdoors. Here are more reasons why you should consider including rowing to your workout:

Low Impact

Rowing involves every muscle in your body. Unlike many other forms of exercise, this activity helps you burn fat efficiently without any serious risk of injury – as long as you are doing it properly. You perform the rowing motion on a sitting position, dramatically reducing the pressure on your joints. When you know the correct technique, this low-impact exercise can definitely be one of the most effective workouts to improve your overall fitness.

Highly-Effective Fat Burning Activity

One of the major reasons why you should try rowing is that it can burn nearly double the number of calories on a two-kilometer course as a runner gets on a three-kilometer run. Your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day. This means rowing will help you lose the unwanted body fat faster than you think. Another advantage would be the reduced wear-and-tear effect on your body compared to running, making it a safer alternative.

Total Body Workout

The rowing workout engages more muscles than many other forms of physical activity. You get to burn more calories, compared to working out on the treadmill. Perform this workout using the proper technique, and it will surely help tone your back muscles, legs, glutes, and biceps. Your core muscles are also engaged throughout the session. Just remember to keep your body straight as you row.

Muscle Strength Builder

As mentioned earlier, rowing works all your major muscle groups: back, legs, arms, and core. This is one of the best exercises to build muscle strength, particularly in the legs. Rowing primarily works your quadriceps, muscles that you will find in front of your thighs. These large muscles allow you to extend your knee and perform powerful leg movements. This exercise can be a great option for cross-training as doing the proper technique can help you become fitter without any risk of injury.

Stability Improvement

Rowing keeps your core muscles engaged. This muscle group covers your tummy and lower back. Working on your core muscles will not only help you become more stable, but will also improve your posture. With strong core muscles, it would be easier for you to avoid bad falls and get injured for carrying heavy objects. It will also help you easily perform a wider range of movements.


Another amazing benefit of the rowing workout is its ability to help boost your mood. Studies have shown that stress negatively affects your overall health. Scientists suggested that regular exercise can help relieve stress, which includes rowing. The repetitive movement actually gives you a meditative feeling. You will not only burn more calories as you row, it will also make you feeling better throughout the day.

Cardiovascular Improvement

Rowing is a great form of aerobic exercise. It helps improve your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your bloodstream. Rowing is also more effective than many other cardiovascular exercises, purely from the fact that it allows a thorough arm and leg workout at the same time. Furthermore, you can row in the gym, or at the comfort of your home if you have your own machine.

Summing Up

Rowing machines provide an effective workout that is low impact. It is ideal to include it to your workout as it works all your major muscle groups. Rowing is also safe for the elderly and those that needs to lose a significant amount of weight. When done correctly, you can burn as much as 2,000 calories in one session, depending on the resistance and intensity.Do this regularly and see how much you have improved in a short span of time.

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