7 Reasons Why Cakes Should Be Your Best Friend

“Happiness is knowing there is cake in the kitchen”

Nothing in the world tastes as good as a cake just out of the oven. While eating is one of the necessities for all, we always need to take care of what we eat and in what portion. For example, we know pomegranate is red in color and good for the blood. Similarly, almonds look like eyes and are good for our eyesight. We do know healthy eatables may not be as tasty as they are good for us and vice versa. Yet, we get more inclined towards what is tastier than healthier. One such treat is Cake.

Cakes give all the reasons you need to eat one, and they should be considered your best friends. Check out the list below for all the points that prove why cakes should top your list of friends.

1.     Cakes are always there for you

If you feel alone and want to share your feelings with someone, you can always grab a cake and cut it to celebrate your happy moments or even turn the sad times into a happy one. There is one cake for every occasion.

2.     Cakes are comforting

Cakes remind us of home. Just take a bite of any cake and get transported to the stool in the kitchen of your home. They remind us of our childhood memories like the first birthday or parent’s anniversary. There is definitely nothing more comforting than home, and yes, cake overwhelm everyone with the happy impressions of their childhood.

3.     Cakes are beautiful

There is one thing that makes a delicious cake more satisfying, and that is the presentation of the cake. They come in all sorts of color, flavors, designs, sizes, and shapes. One can never get bored with the varieties and flavors of the cake. If you feel lonely tonight, you can have a date with a beautiful cake of your choice, and it won’t say no.

4.     Cakes reduce stress

A freshly baked cake is always good in taste, appearance and it is healthy. Cakes are sweet and rich in carbs which helps a person calm down and reduce the stress level. If you feel stressed out due to the big project at your office, grab a cake and cut out all the stress.

5.     Cakes turn occasions into a celebration

Wedding, Birthday, Farewell, Anniversary, and Teacher’s Day, Christmas or any other occasion, one thing that would be common everywhere is a cake. Like during summers, you can order pineapple cake, and for winters a white forest cake would be perfect. Cakes are the special ingredient to turn any event of life into a celebration.

6.     Cakes make you popular

One thing that people always remember at a party more than anything is the cake and the person who gets the cake is undoubtedly loved, automatically. Be the first person to opt for the responsibility of getting a cake for any occasion. Get a lip-smacking cake, and you will be considered the most responsible person. If you don’t believe us the get a cake for tomorrow’s office lunch and see the increase in your popularity.

7.     Cakes can be healthy

The human body demands sweets. Sweets make the body absorb tryptophan which produces serotonin, which is a chemical that enhances mood. Also, the cakes these days are available in so many options. For instance, you can order fruit cake or a lemon cake which is full of health benefits. Cakes also help enhance the mood and help reduce mood swings which in turn, are excellent for your health.

Cakes remind you of a beautiful journey that you spent with your loved ones, and they are there for you whenever needed. These are the qualities of a best friend. So, go grab a cake!