7 Tips for Getting Dream Physique of Fitness Model

We all envy them in magazines, videos, in person, or in films, secretly wondering if they are born like that or just have superior genetics. Tight glutes, toned arms, rounded shoulders and defined quads– these are the hallmarks of everybody’s favorite fitness models- and attributes that we want to emulate in real life.

Experience has proved that women do not turn into manly creatures if they take to working out using weights. Rather, they help create a leaner, firmer and toned figure, one that is appreciated by both men and women. Who wouldn’t want to be transformed from a soft and flabby figure to one that is tight and firm? But it is easier said than done, requiring years of commitment and effort as well as genuine interest in the art and science of physical fitness. Here are 7 tips followed by a fitness model to stay in shape.

1) Eat More

It might sound counterproductive or even mildly insane, but the best bodybuilders never overlook the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in their diet plans. Pre and post workout foods and vitamin supplements as well as breaking up the whole intake into a series of well-spaced out smaller meals ensures that they never get hungry or fatigued but remain energized at all times.

2) Don’t Overdo the Cardio Exercises

Cardio has been losing its popularity in recent times, as it is recommended only for shaping muscle, not creating it. If you are a mid-level body builder rather than a beginner, it’s time to increase the weight training sessions and follow a high intensity interval training method that develops and firms the body.

3) Lift Heavier Weights

Another myth that needs to be destroyed is that increasing the number of sets or increasing the weights will make you bulkier. Sometimes we never break out of our comfort zones, and then wonder why we are not making progress. Lifting heavier weights for lesser repetitions can be more effective in developing strength and fitness.

4) Create a Workout Journal

This is one of the most important tips of all: if you want to make progress, state your goals and write them down. Then create a workout around your available time and fitness level that can help you achieve these goals. You should keep record of your progress regarding what you eat and how you exercise. Giving yourself a definite goal to achieve is an eye opener and directs your efforts.

5) Increase the Intensity

You may not realize it, but putting a focus into the muscles you train during the process of working out definitely makes a difference. Put your mind into every breath, movement and contraction and it will show in your results.

6) Take Pictures of Your Progress

It’s all very well to go to the gym and work out regularly, but if you are like me you would definitely want to measure your progress from time to time. The scale can be disappointing, but taking pictures of your body shape every few weeks will definitely be more indicative of progress.

7) Get the Right Mindset

They say all good changes require persistence and effort. It is important not to be discouraged by setbacks or plateaus, but to continue to find new ways to develop and fine tone your physique. Treating it as a labor of love will make all the difference in the journey towards perfect fitness.