7 Tips You can Use to Set Your Own Fitness Goals

Planning to exercise and get into shape is always a worthwhile goal but it may seem very lonely and almost insurmountable when you are going it alone. Getting a friend, work colleague or relative involved with you can serve you better and make you more committed to the course as life goes on.

1) Start with workable and realistic goals

While it may be very exciting to see stated goals like ‘Carve out your six pack abs in two months’ or ‘Lose 10 pounds in 6 months’, all will agree that these are a bit too far-fetched, in fact quite unrealistic. Going for them only sets you up for disappointment. It would be much better to state goals in realistic terms like ‘Eat healthy 5 days a week’, ‘Don’t eat out except on the weekends’ or ‘Work out 5 days every week’ are far more achievable goals and will have you performing them and feeling in control of your life.

2) Split up goals into short and long term

It is the short term goals that should lead to long term results. Breaking up the big picture into a series of small achievable ones is far more encouraging in reaching for the stars the very first time around. It makes you feel better and more motivated.

3) Setting up a timespan for achievement

This is one of the most encouraging things you can do to help attain your goals. Setting a timeline makes it more challenging and also helps keep you on track. It should motivate you rather than be demotivating and discouraging for you.

4) Be Specific

Setting more specific goals in realistic terms helps their achievement. They should state what to do or not to do. ‘Eating veggies at every meal’ is far more specific than ‘I plan to eat healthier every day.’

5) Find your purpose

‘Getting into shape for the summer’ is a great goal but setting a definite time and date by which to accomplish a goal makes it more exciting. A vague goal with an indefinite timeline has a greater chance of being abandoned.

6) Don’t dwell on failure

It is important to realize that we are all human and that we all make mistakes and screw up once in a while. If you went out and partied or stayed up late one night and could not do your planned exercise routines for a few days, then there is no reason to make it permanent. Just own up that you were a slob and reform or resolve to return to the program come tomorrow morning.

7) Take time out to celebrate the small victories

Remember that you must have done something right ever since you started your exercise program. If you simply dwell on failure it is easy to get depressed and moody. The next thing you know, you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. Don’t let these goals become the be all and end all of your existence.