8 Myths That Could Ruin Your Exercises

When it comes to fitness or working out, it can be quite easy to start your training in a bad way. Not to mention that there is always some “expert” in the vicinity who will show you how to do your exercises properly. Unfortunately, many inexperienced rookies who have just started to exercise will listen to bad advice and ruin their training before it has even begun. We have created the list below hoping that it would help in your future endeavors to get fit and also aid you in ignoring the bad advice.

“Get up early and work out, there’s no other way.” 

Working out early in the morning has its advantages, that much is true. Your body is fresh and ready for a new challenge, your testosterone levels are on the rise and you are much more focused than you will be several hours later. That doesn’t mean that working out later in the day has no positive effects on you. Most people will say, “If you can’t do it early in the morning, don’t do it at all”. Although it is definitely better to exercise in the morning, you can also do it in the afternoon and still get some results. If you exercise in the open, be sure to get some natural light because studies have shown that people who basked in the sunlight during their workouts lose weight much faster than others.
“One, maybe two training sessions a week should cover you.”

That much is true. If you want to get out and meet new people or take a selfie in the gym. If you want to exercise and shape your body then this is pretty far from the truth. When it comes to beginners, you should exercise at least three times a week, no less than an hour a day. If you are already in a decent shape, consider exercising at least four or five days a week. Also, it is quite helpful to move a lot during your free time, even when you are not training because it has been proved that sitting counteracts the effects of your exercises. That means you should spend more time walking around or even play sports. This is especially recommended for people who are undergoing low testosterone treatment.

“If you start lifting weights, you’ll look like a man.”

When a girl or a woman starts going to the gym in order to build some muscles, many people (especially men) would say, “Don’t do it, you’ll bulk up like a guy.” Actually, this is not true. Thing is, lifting weights is safe for everyone, especially for women. Women have far less testosterone in their bodies, and since the ability to build enormous muscle depends on this hormone, women are less likely to “bulk up like men.” If you are a woman and you consider lifting weights, pay no heed to these rumors, you are completely safe to work out in peace.

“If you want to lose weight, workout is all you need.”

Actually, it doesn’t work this way. The workout is quite helpful if you want to lose weight, but if you don’t manage your diet properly, all that exercising will have little to no effect. When it comes to weight loss, the amount and type of food that you eat is more crucial to your figure than anything else. If you want to lose weight you should start dieting. If you add some exercises to it, it is most definitely of great help. Studies have shown that diet is more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight, but if you want to stay fit and preserve your figure you should put much more effort in your exercises than in your diet.

“Take a break for a month or two. Those muscles won’t disappear.”

Oh yes, they will. The saddest part is that you need only five or six days of pause and your muscles will start to break away. If your body gets into “deconditioning state”, that means that you will start to lose mass and strength in all your muscles and that you will need to work harder than before to get back in shape. If you spend a week or more without exercising your muscles, you better start using them right away or they’ll be gone soon. 

“Stay away from carbs and sugar and you’ll lose weight for sure.”

This one is partially true. While on the one hand carbs and sugar can ruin your diet and your efforts to get slim, on the other hand, you should know that you cannot be on a diet forever. This means that instead of expanding the list of things that you will avoid and never taste, try to find the eating regimen that you can stick with for life.  This also makes a dieting easier because you can satisfy your body with a constant influx of additional nutrients without damaging your figure. After all, make your own list of “tried and true” methods to stay fit through a healthy diet.

“Use weights, they turn fat into muscle.”

If only. Weight exercises actually help you build and improve your muscle tissue. This tissue thickens the fat above it and makes you look ripped. If you really want to get rid of your fat and build your muscle, then you should try to combine weight training with short burst exercises. Also choosing a right diet could be quite helpful too.

”Run a marathon and you’ll look like an Olympian too.”

Athletes who run the Olympic marathon are not doing it for the first or second time in their lives. These guys are professionals who have intensive training and if you think that running a marathon or two will make you look like them, you are wrong. Good news is, you can get some of the benefits of long-distance running when you run fast and hard for a couple of minutes a day (five to ten minutes is the right amount of time). Researchers say that short bursts of intense exercise can provide you some of the same health benefits as long run or endurance training does.

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