8 Pre-workout Rules Every Fitness Freak Must Know

Working out is one of the most contended activities of all time. How can something so good for your overall health be so difficult to implement? Interestingly enough, workouts are not nearly as difficult from a physical standpoint then they are from a mental standpoint. There have been many cases that show how much our bodies can take if we are willing to push past what are minds are limiting us to. 

However, workouts don’t have to be physically straining at all to provide results. Above everything else, the key to achieving the healthy lifestyle you always wanted is consistency. As far as how to make the physical part of working out easier, much of this process can be traced back to the pre-workout preparation. 

Underestimating pre-workout preparation is a mistake that virtually all beginners make when they start their workout journey. The unfortunate reality of making this mistake is that it can be as costly as causing an injury. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, this can prevent you from ever working out again even if you are physically capable. Worth noting, you should do your research as to what pre-workout steps you can take for your body type. Even if one workout strategy has worked for thousands of people, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can work for you. With this in mind, let’s go over eight pre-workout rules every fitness conscious person must know.

#1: Have A Dynamic Stretching Ritual

Stretching is one example of how beginners underestimate the importance of pre-workouts. While many people don’t forget to stretch before working out, the problem is that they don’t do it correctly or enough times before a workout session. This is where a dynamic stretching ritual comes into play. As opposed to regular stretching, dynamic stretching takes a more active approach as a way to prepare and stimulate muscles before action. These rituals can also target specific muscle groups for a particular workout you want to do.

#2: Take Pre-Workout Supplements

Taking pre-workout supplements has shown to be just as important as anything else when it comes to working out. The best part about them is that different types of supplements meet different workout needs. For example, there are recovery supplements for after workouts and muscle enhancing supplements to help in those areas. Just make sure you are taking high-quality supplements such as yohimbine. Anything otherwise might contain ingredients you don’t want in your body.

#3: Avoid Simple Sugars & Carbs

Everyone seems to understand how important a pre-workout meal is for your performance. A meal before a workout serves the purpose of fueling your body during the entirety of your workout. However, there is another big mistake that many people make when it comes to eating a pre-workout meal. This mistake stems from the idea that your body can fuel off of any food your body takes in. This is simply not the case. Foods such as simple sugars and carbs can spike your blood sugar levels up to the point where it results in a crash. This is the exact opposite of how your body should feel before working out.

#4: Have A Warm-Up Workout Routine

Not to be confused with stretching, having a warm-up workout routine will do wonders for your overall performance. A warm-up routine should consist of light work such as interval jogging or body exercises to get your body up to speed.

#5: Hydrate The Night Before

The one commonality that all people workout out feel during a session is lack of hydration. Symptoms of this include heavy breathing, cramping, and other similar workout disadvantages. However, rest assured that hydrating the night before can leave you feeling more energized than you thought you could be.

#6: Get A Full Nights Sleep A Day Before

Sleep is arguably the most important component of maximizing a workout. This stems from the fact that it is by far the best way to recover your body. As far as its pre-workout capabilities are concerned, it can also help with muscle relaxation and awareness to keep you going in your workout.

#7: Record What Your Workout Will Be

The most conscious fitness people know how beneficial it is to keep a record of their workout routine. More specifically, recording how much of a particular routine you can do is a great way to measure performance. In other words, it gives you a good idea of what to goals to shoot for to improve.

#8: Plan A Post-Workout Recovery Session

Last but not least, plan a post-workout recovery session before working out. Doing so will speed up your recovery process and allow you to jump into action sooner than expected. It doesn’t even need to be complex. Just have a process ready to go as soon as you finish your workout to benefit.