8 Reasons You Are Not Building Muscles

You might have been working at the gym for a number of months or years but gaining fat instead of desired muscles mass, which is really a matter to be worried about as your goal is to gain muscles not the fat on your body. Now you must be wondering what’s wrong with you when you are giving time, working hard and following a muscle building plan. There might be various reasons that you can’t get your targeted physique. Some of these reasons are mentioned below;

Reason #1 – Not Working Hard

You are going to gym regularly for a particular purpose and if your training is not giving you the positive results, it means you are not working as hard as you should do.

Reason #2 – Not Following Rules

There is a possibility that you are not following the muscle building rules strictly. There are so many people who go to the gym everyday but are failed to follow the plan sincerely which breaks the motion of their workouts.

Reason #3 – Adopting Wrong Exercises

You might be one of those who prefer to perform the simpler and easier exercises for which they don’t have to spend lots of energy and time. You might be doing those exercises regularly but they are not giving you results because of not suitable for you. if you prefer easier workouts rather than effective ones, it means you really don’t want to get awesome changes in your body physique. While you are choosing exercises to become an impressive bodybuilder, you must remember one single rule and that is to adopt a right plan.

Reason #4 – Putting off Lame Excuses

Sometimes, you feel like not going to the gym or missing exercise for the day because of any reasons that might be tiredness, gloomy mood, picnic or dates with your girlfriend, stress, headache pain or whatever the reason you must never miss your workouts

Reason #5 – Same Exercises Everyday

The majority of the bodybuilders keep themselves confined to a few exercises. It’s fine to continue with your favorite exercises, however, you better try other exercises as well to get more benefits as inclusion of new exercises in your workout plan, will not let your body get habitual of the same exercises and each movement will produce the good results.

Reason #6 – Doing Too Much Cardio

Those who are trying to gain muscles and burn body fat at the same time, do some cardio which is not bad but doing too much of cardio will definitely cause problem.

Reason #7 – Diet Plan

If you are making none of the above mentioned mistakes, then you must be ignoring the second most important muscles building factor: Your Diet Plan. If you are doing everything except having a good dieting plan, you can’t build the impressive body physique.

Reason #8 – Missing an Expert Trainer

Last but not the least, the main problem of your constant failure in building muscle mass might be your own personal trainer who is not smart enough to understand your problem and find its solution for you. He might not have the right stuff to teach about exercises and diet plans. Therefore, if you think that your trainer is not really helping you get out of the problem, you better join some other gym or trainer.


The simple solution to overcome your constant failure and successfully achieve muscle mass it to work hard at the gym and adopt the most effective exercise collection rather than simpler ones. Secondly, improve your dieting habits and if you follow these basic rules, there is no other reason you can’t make your dream come true.