9 Best Foods Proven To Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is considered to be a very important hormone of the body as it affects the human body in a number of ways. Testosterone influences the tissues, muscle building, cardiovascular health, reproductive organs as well as the balance of the hormones present in the body.

Thus, a loss of testosterone levels into your body can automatically affect the body negatively in a number of ways. Thankfully, the T-levels in the body can be maintained without the use of medication, by merely relying on the natural sources of important nutrients which promote a good health and good T-levels. Natural resources, apart from providing a boost to the testosterone levels into the body also help in the maintenance of overall growth, fitness as well as well-being of the body. You are merely required to add these natural food items into your daily diet and you will notice a change.

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Following are the nine best proven foods to increase the level of testosterone into the body:

  1. Oysters:

One of the most popular foods which promote the growth of testosterone in the body is oysters. Oysters are considered to be an aphrodisiac and it is considered that an infamous lover, Casanova used to eat a lot of them for each day. The content of zinc present in oysters promote a good T-level.

  1. Olive oil/Coconut oil:

Both olive oil as well as coconut oil are considered to be the natural boosters of testosterone in the body. These oils are rich in monounsaturated fats which help in the increase of T production and a long term consumption of both these oils can maintain a good level of testosterone into the body. Inculcate the use of these oils in your daily diet.

  1. Butter:

Butter is not unhealthy in nature; on the contrary butter helps to boost the levels of testosterone in the body. Butter helps to provide all the healthy saturated fats which the body require in order to create all kinds of steroid hormones including testosterone. Real butter also includes important nutrients such as vitamin A, E, D and K2.

  1. Coffee:

Another source of a good level of testosterone for your body is coffee. Studies suggest that one or two cups of strong coffee can help you raise the testosterone levels which remains equivalent to 200-400 mg caffeine respectively. However, coffee must always be consumed in limits as the higher consumption of the same could also raise your stress levels.

  1. Celery:

This herb is considered to be so powerful that the smell of celery alone can raise up the levels of testosterone in the body. It comprises of two vital plant sterols called androstenol and androstenone. Celery also comprises of different flavonoids which help to act as an anti-estrogenic agents.

  1. Broccoli:

One of the healthiest foods that you must consume to increase the T-levels into your body is broccoli. This vegetable comprises of the compound called DIM which is considered to be a potent anti-estrogen compound. This eventually helps in lowering the estrogen levels and increasing the T-levels into the body.

  1. Grapes:

Grapes including red wine are considered to be a natural and rich source of resveratrol which is mainly recognized for its positive actions on the cardiovascular system as well as in the improvement of hormone level and production of sperm in the body.

  1. Pomegranates:

This amazingly refreshing fruit is believed to be increasing the levels of testosterone into the body. This fruit also helps in the improvement of reproductive health as all the active compounds present in pomegranate improve the sexual functioning including a good blood flow in the body, mainly around the penis and the production of stronger erections.

  1. Pine Pollen:

Pine pollen comprises of the real testosterone and it is considered that there are around 80 nanograms of the real testosterone present in each gram of pine pollen. This is the main reason why pine pollen is considered to be the most potent androgen of the nature. Alongside, this food item is also rich in a number of nutrients including all the important enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and many others.

Now that you know the important food items to increase the T-levels into your body, it’s the time to check these recommended testosterone boosting supplements and foods that are surely going to help your body for good. Indulge into these food items and add them into your daily diet to experience quick as well as worthy results.