9 Reasons Why You are Failed to Build Muscles (Part 1)

A great number of people are often worried that why they are failed to build muscles when they don’t have a visible reason. Not knowing the actual causes may prevent them to clear out hurdles in your way to build muscles. In this article, you will learn about 9 major reasons which are the main culprits behind building muscles failures.

1) Insufficient Consumption of Calories

The major cause that is found to be culprit in most of the cases is not having sufficient consumption of calories. The insufficient consumption of calories doesn’t let the body get stronger and bigger as it even lacks the amount it requires to maintain the current body weight. An ideal figure for consumption of calories is commonly known as BMR which means basal metabolic rate and this rate may vary from person to person because of weight, age, activity and muscles.

If you current calories intake is higher than basal metabolic rate, it will help you gain weight while on the other hands, if it is lower, you will lose weight. Therefore, you must figure out what is the actual BMR in your case. You can use a BRM Calculator for this purpose.

2) Not Having Enough Meals

Gone are the days when people used to believe that eating three square meals throughout the day would be great enough as the latest researches have shown that earing smaller meals many times a day would be great in boosting metabolism which is great to gain, lose or simply maintain weight.

Now you must be eating at least 6 smaller meals throughout the day. It is always better to have even meals but if you are out of time, you can eat more at least in your lunch and dinner. If you don’t have time to prepare the meals every day, you can go for weekly Sunday shopping the cook your meals for rest of the week and freeze them.

3) Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is essential for proper functioning of whole of the body but there are a number of lifters who don’t understand the need of water and often neglect this great source of gaining energy. The power lifters often feel dehydrated before they begin their workouts but it is surely not the right time and they can’t provide their body with full hydration. Therefore, you must keep in mind that when you wake up in the morning, the water consumption should be begun and it should continue throughout the day.

You should also remember that the dehydration is really a serious issue which might also lead to the death in extremely serious cases. If you often feel thirsty, tiredness, sore throat, dry mouth, loss of appetite, headache, unique with bad odor, it means you are suffering from dehydration and you must focus to improve your condition.

4) Choosing Wrong Workout Routines

If you have chosen the wrong workout routine, this can also be another major reason for not building muscles as right workout is chosen according to the body type, weight, age and current muscles mass and strength.

It has also been observed that the new weight lifters simply get inspired with the stories published in fitness magazines and then follow the recommended workouts which are often advertised. However, the wrong about it is that such workouts are often recommended for advanced trainers and may be completely useless for beginners.

Read more reasons in this regard in the next part of this article.