9 Tips to Achieve Your All Fitness Resolutions

Have you made your fitness resolutions so you can do more exercises, pay regular visits to the gym and cut out the junk foods from your regular diet menu? Here are some suggestions which can greatly help you to stay on the right track throughout the year so you can successfully achieve all your fitness resolutions.

1 – Set Your Goals

The first thing you have got to do is to write all fitness resolutions and set the deadline so you work keeping in view the sensitivity of time. You must know your targets and goals clearly so you go and hit them specifically.

2 – Be Realistic

While you are making resolutions, be realistic and write what you believe you can really achieve in specific period of time. Don’t write something which is almost impossible to set in a certain period of time.

3 – Divide Resolutions

Break resolutions from the simplest to the most difficult because in your way to stay fit, you will have to achieve a number of fitness goals. Among them some might take less time and less efforts while the other might take more time and extra efforts. Put the simplest at the first place as it may become a source of motivation for you.

4 – Rewards Yourself

You can reward yourself and this is considered to be one of the most effective techniques to motivate yourself and you really love it when you get rewarded on your achievement and efforts.

5 – Personal Trainer
You should also get the services of a personal trainer who can provide you great help from his experience and it will be much easier for you to reach your specific targets more easily.

6 – Variety to the Workouts

Don’t stick to the same exercise for long time but keep making changes and keep including new exercise to your workouts. This is really important because when you perform a physical exercise, your body gets accustomed of it after few weeks and does not respond to it. On contrary, when you perform new exercise, body gets confused and shows resistance.

7 – Choose Your Most Energetic Time of the Day

It is not necessary for everyone to be active and energetic in the morning or in the evening. One may be more active at a certain type while another may feel laziness at the same time. Therefore, you must know the time when you feel more energetic than the other parts of the day.

8 – Hold Yourself Accountable

Don’t think that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want but hold yourself accountable for everything you do throughout the day. This will help you recognize your mistakes that you make during the day which hurt your fitness resolutions.

9 – Recovery Time

You must give some recovery time to your body so it can repair damage tissues and regenerate more muscles and tissues. If you do workouts 7 days a week, you can’t achieve your target. Therefore, you must have off days so your body has enough recovery time.