A Closer Look at the Lip Augmentation Procedure

Around the age of 25, many people begin to lose volume throughout the face, and that can result in quite a few cosmetic issues. In addition to developing fine lines and wrinkles, you might also notice that your lips are no longer as full as they used to be. When your lips lose volume, it could look as if you are constantly scowling or pursing your lips. Some people have naturally thin lips as well, and that can impact an individual’s confidence. Luckily, augmenting your lips is a simple and safe procedure, and this popular treatment could completely rejuvenate and revitalize your appearance. 

What Can be Treated?

There are a few different cosmetic issues that can be treated with the lip augmentation procedure. For many patients, this procedure is going to increase the size of the lips so they appear fuller and have a clear shape. As an added bonus, increasing the size of the lips might remove fine lines around the mouth as well. Many injectable products are also going to hydrate the lips, and that makes this procedure a great option for anyone who has lips that are constantly chapped or dry. 

Choosing a Produce

If you think that you might be a good candidate for this treatment, then you will need to speak with a cosmetic surgeon who has quite a bit of experience with injectable products. There are countless injectables currently on the market, and each product has its own pros and cons. Currently, Restylane is one of the most popular injectables for the lip augmentation procedure. In addition to creating very natural results, this product is also incredibly safe. No animal products are used to create this injectable, and that means your risk of an allergic reaction is going to be very low. 

The Day of Your Treatment

This minimally invasive treatment can be completed in a matter of minutes, and most patients experience nothing more than mild side effects. After you have explained your cosmetic goals to the surgeon, they will then decide how many doses are going to be needed. Those doses can then be injected into strategic places throughout the lips. The vast majority of patients feel nothing more than a little pressure because an ice pack is used to numb the lips before the injections are administered. Immediately following your treatment, you might notice a little inflammation and discoloration, but those issues typically disappear within one day. You also have the option of masking the discoloration with beauty products.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Restylane can produce long-lasting results, and you might enjoy fuller lips for up to a year with the proper aftercare. As soon as you notice that the results are disappearing, you can easily schedule a touch-up appointment with the surgeon for additional injections. With regular follow-up appointments, the results can be maintained for many years.