Advanced Kettlebell Windmill – An Exercise to Target Abs

Advanced Kettlebell Windmill is a tough exercise but considered to be great in building strength and muscles. Here are some important facts about this workout which you must learn to get utmost benefits.

  • The main target of this exercise is to train abdominal, however, the other muscles such as glutes, hamstrings and shoulders can also be trained with advanced kettlebell windmill.
  • Those who are training in their intermediate level will find it an effective and an ideal exercise for training abs muscles.
  • This exercise was so popular in the past, but then the emergence of other exercises and workouts pushed it back and the people started using varieties of exercises. However, the constant experiments and improvements have brought it back to the high level of popularity and now it is being used as an essential exercise.
  • If you really want to do a seriously tough exercise, you must give a try to kettlebell windmill which is really tough and it is quite difficult to master in it.
  • When you begin thinking that now you have mastered into this, you will certainly increase the weight which will make it even tougher, but this time you will be able to manage the weight in a safer way.

How to Perform Advanced Kettlebell Windmill?

  1. To perform Advanced Kettlebell Windmill, clean & press a kettlebell over your head with one arm.
  2. Lock the kettlebell and push your hips to the same direction.
  3. Place the other arm right behind your back.
  4. Turn your feet to make a 45 degree angle.
  5. Bring yourself as lower as possible.
  6. Take a pause for 1-2 seconds.
  7. Now move back to the beginning position.
  8. Repeat to continue the set.