Advantages of Chains for Weight Lifting Purpose

If you want to take the level of your strength and muscles to the next stage of development or you simply want to improve your athletic abilities, you can use chains for weight lifting which can be attached by dumbbells, barbells, cable or other machines. There are few simple facts which you can use to improve effects of your training.

Strength Curve

When you are doing full range movement with weight, you come through strength curve which plays its role to make your movement gets harder while at the lowest position or having stretched position. On contrary, it makes exercises simply easier at highest position or at the most contracted point.

If you have been training with proper form and spending extra time to make your workouts really effective, you better use full range movements. Your basic aim of training is to get well-developed muscles and huge amount of strength; you must be doing full motion range rather than half reps with extreme amount of weight.

No matter what you are doing but what will always want to use a way to get going with strength curve and overload the muscles by doing exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, and squats.

Weighted Chains

If someone who is like most of the weight lifters, works on bench press while using 230 pounds of weight in 5-9 reps, he finds this type of lift really hard at the chest but easier at near top lockout. Now you need to make this movement really harder to get maximum results from it for which you can add chains of 40 pounds or less on both sides.

When you bring the bar at your chest level, most part of the chain will be right on the floor which will allow you to bring it from off the floor while making lockout. When you go through the lift, you push yourself which will get the chains raised off the floor bringing extra amount of weight on the bar.

Speed & Strength

There is no doubt that the chain is a great source to achieve your bodybuilding goals but there is another use of these chains and this is done by the weight lifters who use them to make themselves while pulling up the weight. It is really a great way to increase your speed because it works as an additional push up during range of motions and it forces you to perform as harder as you can.

Often most experienced weight lifters feel laziness and only prefer to get tension from the toughest lift area. You might have already done this before! You will go through comparatively a heavier squat at hardest bottom part and then you should be trying to make it even harder to bring it at the top. Keep in mind that if you are able to utilize your muscles to get weight accelerated, you will be able to lift more and more and definitely, your ability to lift more amount of weight will result into greater muscles gains.