Alternating Cable Shoulder Press Exercise – Build Deltoid Muscles

Have you ever tried to build monstrous shoulders that would be visible even in your thick shirt? If yes, how successful were you? Well, surely, you were not very successful and this is the reason why you are still here today. In this article, you will learn some great tips secrets about alternating cable shoulder press.

  • The alternating cable shoulder press is one of the best exercises to attain strength. This exercise mainly targets major shoulder muscles which are also known as delts or deltoid muscles.
  • The shoulder muscles consist of more than one set of fibers known as anterior, posterior and lateral fibers and when you are trying to gain shoulders, it is essential to target all of those muscle fibers and this is what you can do with alternating cable shoulder press workout.
  • This is a fundamental exercise for shoulders and every one can easily perform it and this is especially useful for the beginners.

Steps to Perform Alternating Cable Shoulder Press Workout

  1. To perform cable press, bring down the cable to the bottom line and choose weight that will suit you.
  2. Grab the cables and hold them tightly right at the height of your shoulders while your palms are facing to the forward direction. In addition to this, you also keep your chest and head up.
  3. Once you have taken all the steps mentioned above and have come into the correct position, begin your exercise by pressing one elbow side over your head directly.
  4. Take a pause at the high position and then return to the beginning point. Repeat the same with the other side.