Alternating Hang Clean – A Great Exercise with Kettlebells

The hamstrings are basically the posterior thigh muscles and they are really important to perform the physically activities. These muscles are especially important for those who are greatly involved in physical activities or sports such as climbing, running, and jumping. Here you will find some useful information to keep hamstrings healthy and active.

  • The secret to keep hamstring muscles healthy is to keep them active and make them involve in constant physical activities.
  • You really need to get rid of sedentary life style to get rid of tight hamstrings as the lazy life style and not involving in physical activities would reduce the capabilities of your body.
  • The Alternating Hang Clean is a very good stretch exercise to deal with the tight hamstrings. You might also know the same exercise with some other name such as alternating kettlebell hang clean, alternating kettlebell clean or kettlebell clean.
  • Like its various names, it works with various muscles groups such as biceps, traps, calves, forearms, lower back and glutes.
  • The experts suggest this exercise for the trainees who are in their intermediate level, but it is simple enough to be performed by the beginners too.

How to Perform Alternating Hang Clean

When you get ready to perform an alternating kettlebell clean, arrange two kettlebells, stand and keep your feet a little wider than the width of your shoulders and hold the of the kettlebells in your hands between the legs while your palms are facing in. Look into the straight direction but keep your hips in back.

Bend your knees to bring your upper body lower down. At the same time, lift your right hand with kettlebell to your shoulders. Then lower down the hand and the same time lift your other hand. Repeat the same with the opposite side.