Alternating Kettlebell Press

Alternating Kettlebells Press has gained so much popularity not just in United States but also in other major countries. The kettlebell is very simple equipment which is heavier but easy to grasp with a hand grip. Have a look at few important factors about kettlebell and the alternating press exercise.

  • The kettlebells are often used to alternate the other equipment such as dumbbells or barbells which are commonly used in workouts to train upper body. These tools are basically weightlifting weights and this technique was first originated in Russia.
  • If you include this amazing tool in your workout, this will help you increase lean muscle mass and greatly improve cardiovascular endurance. It targets the Shoulder muscles as the main working ground and the triceps as the secondly targeted muscles.
  • The alternating kettlebell press is also known as Kettlebell Shoulder Press and Kettlebell Alternating Military Press and the addition of this exercise in your workout will lead your workouts to the most explosive one. This exercise is reliable and time-tested and it can certainly assist you to get your desired muscles building goals.

How to Perform Alternating Kettlebell Press

  1. To do this exercise, you need to have 2 kettlebells which should be cleaned pressed right to your shoulders while your palms are inward. Extend your legs to clean the kettlebells.
  2. Now push up and extend your left elbow to pull the tool over your shoulders and stay for a second into this position before you bring down the pressed arm. When you bring the left arm down, immediately pull up the other arm. You can repeat the exercise to meet your requirement.