Alternative Treatments for Anxiety

Almost 20 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, less than half of us that deal with some form of heightened anxiety seeks treatment for it. While this may be due to a litany of reasons like lack of healthcare coverage, fear of mental health professionals and/or being” labeled,” there are a lot of options to help you curb the effects of anxiety on your life that do not involve any prescriptions or medications. In fact, the options that we have outlined below have been proven to significantly lessen the negative consequences that accompany anxiety.

Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Meditation and breathing exercises have the same aim for people that suffer from anxiety. That is mindfulness. Meditation teaches you to focus solely on your breath and  it helps you to drown out those constant thoughts that fuel anxiety. The power of consistently setting aside time to focus on your breath, forget the future, and live in the serenity of now has changed the lives of millions of people across the world. A multitude of studies have concluded that mindfulness and meditation exercises can significantly ease the mental bully that we call anxiety.


Regular physical activity is another excellent option to reduce your anxiety. In fact, research has shown that you can expect as much as a 20 percent reduction of your anxious symptoms when you exercise regularly. You do not have to work out for hours, exercising for 30 minutes, three to four days a week will help you tremendously. In Miami, you have so many cost effective options for exercise year round to include walking or jogging at the beach, swimming, playing golf, lifting weights, joining work out groups, etc. Grab your walking shoes and take advantage of the beautiful weather that Florida has to offer.


Yoga has been utilized by humans for thousands of years. It has become apart of popular culture in the United States and with its notoriety has come a better understanding of its positive effects on reducing stress and anxiety levels. If you are a bit weary about practicing yoga poses in front of a crowd of people you’re in luck, there are many online tutorials that will teach you optimal poses and breathing techniques that directly deal with anxiety. Not only will yoga aide you in your path to serenity, it will help your body to be much more flexible. No matter your age or current level of physical fitness, yoga can benefit you in the short and long term.


If you are unsure about attacking your anxiety on your own but you would like help from a professional (just not a shrink), then visiting your local acupuncturist may be the option for you. Acupuncture was developed nearly 2,000 years ago and has since been spread across the world. Acupuncture seeks to heal you through ensuring the proper flow of Qi or spiritual energy within your body by clearing blockages. While it is not widely accepted in the realm of traditional western medicine, it has helped millions of customers with a variety of ailments to include relieving unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety. If you are curious to learn more about acupuncture in Miami then contact your local, experienced and well referenced acupuncturist to schedule an informational session.