Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review

anaAnabolic cooking helps anabolic activity and general development of muscles in the body speedily. A diet plan takes in different quantity of proteins and carbohydrates required by body while the amount of meal eaten in duration of one meal and the occurrence of meals depend on activation of anabolic state as well.

There is a variety of diet plans accessible in market today that assist in activating proper anabolic metabolism. They are essential for the ones who are in search of rapid and proper development of muscles. The dietary plans may not be much enticing but they will make you fit if one carries on using them and Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is one of such effective plans.

About Dave Ruel

dave-ruelDavid Ruel is a renowned nutritionist and fitness coach and he has a great deal of experience in this field and the proof of his ample experience is available in form of Anabolic Cooking Cookbook.

Description and review

Dave Ruel is a great recourse of assistance for the people who want to lose fat and stay fit and healthy. His ebook called Anabolic Cooking is serving people to lose fat.

  • Dave has included about 200 recipes in his cooking program and he has well taken care of the fact that the recipes are easy to make.
  • The meals are full of nutrition and would help you improve the overall health.
  • All the recipes ensure that the users get the needed energy to reach the anabolic state.
  • The recipes are focused get lean muscle mass with tasteful dishes.
  • There is a variety of professional guidelines to make a better and healthy lifestyle.
  • Anabolic cooking manual is categorized to get a clear understanding according to the meal types.
  • Most of the recipes are based on instant preparation.


  • It might be a little hard for the users to get used to the diet plans in the beginning.
  • Some of the meal plans are not quite flavorsome.
  • It does not offer any related and required guidelines about exercises.


  • The recipes included in Anabolic Cooking help you get the lean muscular body.
  • All the meal plans are based according to the needed nutritional value so that the user takes the right amount of calories.
  • The nutrition guide is attached as a bonus.
  • Dave Rule also offers money-back guarantee with it.



Anabolic cooking cookbook is created by Dave Rule and he is known as the “Muscle Cook” in the fitness industry. In this ebook, David has presented almost 20 recipes which help the users to develop and maintain anabolic state, lose fat and get a lean muscular body. Along with a few exercises, one can achieve the desired target with quite an ease.