Are You Serious To Bulk Up Your Muscles?

The first and basic target of every muscle building program is to bulk up muscle mass and this is also the basic goal of everyone who goes to bodybuilding club. However, the most of the bodybuilders don’t find it easy as it requires lots of time, patience and dedication. But it’s not impossible if worked in proper direction with proper techniques. The majority of the bodybuilders prefer to use the same old techniques that have been used for centuries but still are as effective as they were decades ago. If you try the same techniques, there are great chances for you to achieve your goal. This article will be quite helpful for those who wish to gain muscles mass in the shortest time period.

bulk up your muscles

Sufficient Amount of Food

The basic reason behind the failure of most of the muscle builders is the insufficient amount of food they have every day. Those people are afraid of getting fat and this is what stops them eating enough foods which naturally results in their failure to bulk up muscle mass as quickly as possible. Many people don’t need to have exercises to get bulking up their body as they already have bulks but those who are skinny by birth or are very lean and thin, must do something to put on weight and transform their natural physique.

Don’t Be Worried About Fat

If you manage bulking up process and keep it in proper order, you are not going to become a fat man. Therefore, you should not be afraid of becoming some kind of meat hill. In the beginning of your workout and training, you might gain the weight but there is nothing to worry about as this is natural and in some days everything will be in proper order.

Eat 5-6 Times Daily

If you are really serious to bulk up your muscles, you should be mentally ready and prepare your mind to eat 5-6 times a day. It is said that the more you eat, the more you bulk up as your body needs protein and nutrition in large amount. Don’t care about your hunger whether you feel it or not, just have your meal every 2 hours. Fix your time, if you have had your lunch at 2 ‘O’ Clock, now your next meal time should be 4 ‘O’ clock.

Worried About Cooking Foods Again and Again?

Never put your body into starvation condition, keep it full all the times as your workouts require lots of protein and nutrition. If you are worried about cooking your meal after every two hours, there is nothing to worry about it at all. You can simply prepare all your meals at the same time and save them into lunch boxes so that they can be fresh and hot when you get ready to have your meal.

Quality Proteins & Complex Carbs

Having meals every two hours does not mean to eat anything you have such as burger, cheese, processed foods, oily and junk foods. Your meal should contain protein, nutrition and complex carbs as these are the major source of energy which will help you bulk up muscle mass. Eat fresh vegetables, fish and red meat and you can also have supplements that can provide you with high quality protein.

Lean Red Meat – Source of Protein & Iron

In ancient times, red meat was considered to be a great source of getting lost of benefits for building muscles which are still considered true as red meat is loaded with protein, iron and creatine. However, the bad thing about it is that it also contains cholesterol but it’s not something that you should be worried about as you can reduce the risk of high cholesterol level by eating leanest cuts such as sirloin or filet mignon.

Get Rid of Stress

Life is too busy these days and surely you have to gets lots of stress from your job, school or home. But what’s most important is to know that stress is a silent killer of your physical and mental health. Since, you must get rid of it by resting, sleeping and relaxing. No matter, how much work load you have, must sleep at least 8 hours a day to relax your mind and body. It is very important part of your bulking up process.

After Training Session Is Over

During workout session, your body uses a huge amount of protein and glycogen stored in your body and after you have finished your exercises, you are almost out of the energy, since, the best time for having meal and nutrition for your body is when your training session ends. This is the time when your body comes in a position when it stores the nutrients to use them properly at the right time.

Compound Exercises

The compound exercises are considered to be very effective because of their effects on various body muscles. There are two exercises that are specially mentioned when it is all about bulking up muscle mass which are deadlifts and squats. Both of these exercises are helpful in enhancing the ability of your body to grow hormones which results into helping all muscle groups during your training. The most important thing about these exercises is that various body parts get involved while you are lifting weight and almost all muscle groups grow simultaneously.

Don’t Work Alone

May be you don’t like to work with someone or you don’t have someone to really help you in your workouts. But you establish a good relationship with someone who works with you in your workouts, you can get many benefits. He can provide you great help and sometimes when you don’t feel like training and thinking to skip, he might encourage and convince you to be regular.


You can’t bulk up without having proper amount of protein and nutrient. Therefore, you must increase your daily intake to get maximum benefits. Focus on your achievements and the targets that are to be achieved. The above mentioned techniques will definitely be very helpful for you if you follow them carefully with dedication.