Top 7 Arm Exercises with Weights for Women – Part 1

Arm weight exercises for women use bodyweight and dumbbells as well to help in gaining stronger, toned and sexier arms. Many women work so hard to get sexier legs and thighs but they don’t work really hard to get beautiful arms which are also the most important part of a female body. If you have toned and beautifully sculpted, toned and strong arms, you will feel more confident while wearing sleeveless or strappy. To help you build up sexier arms, you can follow some of the best workouts which will greatly help you make your dream of having such sexy arms come true.

Best Arm Exercises for Women with Weights

1) Bicep Curl

One of the best arm exercises for women with weight is considered bicep curl which can be performed quite simply but to make it even more effective, you need to increase the weight which will increase resistance. It is normally advised to choose the weight which can allow you perform approximately twelve reps to lead you to the failure point. The logic behind picking up heavier weight is that the more weight you lift, the more muscles get involved in the process to burn fat.

2) Lying Triceps

Arm exercises for women with weights include another great workout which is commonly known as lying triceps extension. This has always been considered an effective exercise for building upper arms. In this workout, you need to lay down with dumbbells while your palms turned towards your face and then slowly pull the weight to forehead. While doing this, move back the arms to 45 degrees to the ground. By bending down the elbows, dumbbells will go down the back of your forehead and this will give stretch to the triceps. You can do about 10 reps of lying triceps.

3) Push Ups

Pushup is simply an amazing free weight arm exercises for women which can be performed by using your own bodyweight. With the help of this easy workout, you can build well toned arms just in a few weeks.

4) Self-Resisted Bicep Curls

The bicep curls are performed by creating resistance with the help of some kind of normal stuff such as books or cans etc. You can find another alternative for the regular form of this workout which is believed to be more effective in toning and building biceps as well as triceps. You might be amazed to learn that in this alternative workout your own strength will be used against yourself for great intensity. Stand on your feet and push the blades of shoulders back & down while bending your elbow. Now put left hand on right hand fist to create resistance against right bicep. You simply need to push up the right hand to touch your shoulder but try to push and stop it with your other hand. Try to do this exercise to make it a great arm exercises for women with free weights.

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