At-Home Workouts You Can Do At The Office

One of the biggest challenges of today’s working world is our ever-changing schedules. As much as we might want to get to the gym each day, sometimes that’s just not possible. Maybe a sudden trip comes up or an unexpected deadline, obstacles to fitness emerge from time to time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of easy at-home workouts that you can take with you anywhere you go.

1) Quick Cardio

Cardio is the backbone of physical fitness. If you’re not able to hit the track or swim some laps, then there are a handful of excellent cardio workouts. Forget the standard jumping jacks and go for the burpee or squat thrust. This full body exercise combines aerobics and strength training in four steps. Begin by standing, jump into a squat with your hands planted, do a push-up then propel yourself up with your arms in the air. Focus on form and speed. Aim for a minimum of three reps of thirty.

2) Get a Little More Out of Your Office Chair

Who said your office chair is just there for you to have a place to write emails? This great for hotel workouts as well. The best exercise here is the chair dip. Hold yourself in the air by grabbing a hold of the chair extending your legs in front of you and slowly dip to the floor.

This works your triceps and core. You can also use the chair to deeper pushups by planting your feet on the chair and similarly lowering yourself to the ground. Shoot for 3 reps of 15 for each exercise.

3) Get a Deep Back Stretch

Office workers in particular suffer from lower back pain. They are a wide range of great office stretches out there that can help loosen up your lower back, quadriceps, and connective tissues. While trunk twists are a great start, it’s better if you can lie on the floor.

Pull your right leg with your left arm to the left of your bodying angling your head to the right. Really hold the stretch and gently extend as far as you can. Then repeat for the opposite. Go back and forth three times for each side.

4) Ease Your Computer Screen Headaches

This is an essential workplace workout. We spend so much of our day staring at phone and computer screens that it’s easy to get some serious headaches. There are a variety of reasons this happens. First people tend to hold their neck in a stiff, upright position. You can ease this pain by gently rolling your neck in a clockwise then counterclockwise move. Slowness is key, breathing as you move across the neck.

For your eyes practice the 20-20-20 rule which means for every twenty minutes of screen time focus on something twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

5) Reduce Carpal Tunnel and Joint Pain

A lot of this has to do with the ergonomics of your office. Most people don’t position themselves correctly at their keyboards and place too much stress on their wrist. There are several easy adjustments you can make from using ergonomic keyboards to taking advantage of wrist braces.

It’s also essential to build muscle strength. You can do this at home workouts easily by extending your arm and gently pulling the tops of your fingers all together towards your head. Do this for five seconds then flip your hand upside down and do the same. Change sides. This will build your forearm strength over time preventing carpal tunnel.

At-Home Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Whether they are lunch break workouts, at-home workouts, workplace workouts or wherever these five exercises are not only great ways for you to improve your strength and flexibility but also improve your focus at work by boosting endorphins.

So be sure to incorporate them into your daily routine. To further boost your fitness and overall workplace wellness be sure to check out our Art Corporate Solutions Program. Our team will come to your office and show you not just great exercises but other health strategies that will help increase productivity and morale while fostering the best workplace environment for corporate success.