Bathroom Arrangement in a Cafe or Restaurant

In a cafe or restaurant, guests appreciate not only the interior in the halls. Almost every client visits the WC and makes a conclusion about the entire institution as a whole because it is here that customer care is very clearly manifested. A customer wants to go to the WC and be inspired by the decor, whether that’s a neon sign or great artwork! 

According to research, 72% of visitors pay attention to the decoration and condition of the restroom and more than 50% share their impressions with friends. This is why it’s so important to bother about things like commercial bathroom sinks and counters and think about quality design.

Features of Commercial Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks need to be selected according to the class of a cafe or restaurant. They must match the overall design of the room. The classic option is white ceramic or composite washbasins. However, modern styles allow gray or colored washbasins to be used in the WC room, complemented by classic or chrome taps. The most recent trend: the use of plumbing fixtures equipped with motion sensors. This allows you to turn on and off the water in a non-contact way. It is very important that the plumbing works almost silently; in this regard, composite materials outperform traditional ceramics. And such items are more resistant to mechanical damage.

In terms of installation of a washbasin, traditional options are being replaced by hanging cabinets with built-in bathroom sinks, as well as catwalk options that look like a work of art.

But the most important thing that is required from plumbing in a restaurant WC is quality that will allow you to avoid repairing for a long time. The AquaticaUSA brand combines the requirements for the quality and design of commercial sanitary ware.

Additional Requirements for the Restroom Design

High-profile establishments carefully monitor that some “consumables” never run out: toilet paper, soap in dispensers, paper towels, disposable paper toilet seat covers, and other modern items. In a Covid environment, toilets must also be equipped with environmentally friendly and non-toxic disinfectants.

Impeccable cleanliness is the final chord. It allows people to see the design that you thought out and feel the care with which the staff treats guests.