Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover – How to Perform

A Bent Arm Dumbbell Pullover is a training exercise to gain strength. The major muscle group worked on during this exercise is chest and the other muscles trained are deltoids, triceps and lats.

  • The main focus of this exercise is to gain strength and develop definition of the chest region.
  • Another focus is given on expanding the rib cage.
  • The only equipment you need to arrange is dumbbell which is off course the essential part of this workout.
  • The workout difficulty level is higher; therefore it has been included into the intermediate level workouts. The beginner might not find it easy to perform.


If you want to make a variation in this workout, you can use barbell instead of dumbbells.

How to Perform?

  1. Keep the dumbbell into its position.
  2. Check to make sure that it is properly placed.
  3. Lie down perpendicular on the flat bench which means only your shoulder area will be placed on the bench while rest of the body will out of the bench.
  4. Bring your hips little lower than the level of the bench.
  5. Keep your both feet on the floor with firm position.
  6. Your head will also be out of the bench.
  7. Hold the dumbbell firmly with both of your hands.
  8. Lift them over your chest while there is a bent in your arms.
  9. Slowly bring down the dumbbell in an arc motion behind the head.
  10. You will feel stretching in your chest which is good but make sure that your arms must be kept bending thought out the movement.
  11. Repeat steps as many times as you can do.


  • Always use the secured dumbbell.
  • Don’t use the old dumbbell.
  • Don’t use the dumbbell that needs repairing.
  • Don’t use dumbbell with loosen plates.