Best Deltoid Exercises For Women – Deltoid Exercises For Women Without Weights

deltoid workout exercisesWomen don’t have as strong body muscles as men have and they can’t usually lift too heavy weight for muscle building. However, some of the women still want to build toned and strong shoulder muscles which are called deltoid and consisted of triangle front, side and rear deltoids. These deltoids cover major part of the shoulder and help in moving hands. There are various choices to adopt certain exercises to train these shoulder muscles with and without weight.

Deltoid Exercises for Women with Dumbbells

Seated Dumbbell

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press is considered to be the best deltoid exercises for women and it is quite useful in targeting the triceps and the entire deltoid area. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands, sit on the bench and pull both your hands to your shoulders. The best incline position on the bench for training with dumbbells is 90 degrees. Now pull the dumbbells up to the level of your arms above your head. Then go back to the initial position for the second rep. You can do about 15 repetitions of this exercise.

Lateral Dumbbells Raises for Women

The second best deltoid workout exercise is Lateral Raises which is isolation exercise and helps in training deltoids muscles. These are rear deltoid exercises for women, which are usually performed with dumbbells, however, this can also be performed with other gym equipment such as band or cable machine. There are various possible positions for doing lateral raised i.e. seated bench, standing or lying positions. No matter what positions you choose as all will give you good results but what’s important is to keep in mind that your technique must be correct or else you will be more prone to get deltoids injuries. Once you have taken your position on the edge of your bench with arms handing down, hold dumbbells carefully in both of your hands. Now pull your hands up above the level of your shoulders.

Front Dumbbells Raises

Take an easy standing position and hold a pair of suitable dumbbells of moderate weight. However, you should begin with comparatively lighter weight as the heavier weight can cause minor problems with your shoulder such as stress in case of your muscles don’t get habitual of lifting heavy weight. Now putt your palms on the dumbbells and raise your each hand in forward position, keep moving your hands until you get the shoulder level. Now bring down your arm to the previous position and raise the other hand. You can don repeat the same about 12 – 15 times.

Deltoid Exercises for Women at Home

The deltoid exercises for women are almost the same as for men but if they are not interested to lift heavy weight at the gym, they can use some exercises at home which don’t require heavy weight lifting yet can prove to be very effective in enhancing deltoids strength.

Deltoid Exercises for Women Without Weights

Arms Rotation

To perform the deltoid exercises for women without weights, you need to stand with straight arms which should be completely extended to both of your left and right side to make a “T” shape position. Now make a rotating motion of your arms and continue doing upto ten motions and then do the same in other direction.

Handstand Position

If you just want deltoid exercises women without weights, the other best position for you might be handstand position for which you have to stand on your hands and put your toes against the nearest wall or some other position to maintain your stability and balance of your body. When you take position, put your hands on the surface of the floor little wider than the size of your shoulders. Now slowly bring your body down to the floor and touch your head with the floor then revert back to the previous position. When you come up exhale and when you go down inhale your breaths. You can repeat this exercise for a number of times until you lose strengths for doing this. However, in the beginning, it might be a little difficult for you to make such a handstand. Repeat as many reps as you can and if you feel you are able to pull yourself up, just try with downing position.

Resistance Band or Tube

When you are exercising with Resistance band, you can get a number of health and fitness benefits including great resistance for shoulder joints and muscles. These resistance bands or tubes are easily available for you to buy in online market.