What is Bicycle Crunch?

‘What is bicycle crunch?’ is often asked by people because of confusion among them as the phrase contains the word bicycle. In bicycle crunch, you don’t use an actual bicycle but pretend to be pedaling a bicycle by extending or lifting your legs into the air. This exercise is performed as a variation to the regular crunch exercise and the difference is that you have to take your feet off the surface of the floor and extend both of them into the air all the time during the crunches.

What Muscle Groups Get Involved in Bicycle Crunch?

Bicycle crunches exercise involves all major muscles groups in motions such as rectus abdominus, lower back, obliques and transverse abdominus muscles which are also known as transversalis muscle, transverse abdominus and transverse abdominal muscles. Transverse abdominus muscle is basically a layer of lateral and anterior abdominal wall.

Why to Do Bicycle Crunches?

By doing bicycle crunches, you actually increase the level of difficulty to your regular crunch style. Doing regular crunches work with your middle abs but bicycle crunches will work with your lower abs more effectively. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of bicycle crunch. Now the question is how to do the bicycle crunch exercise properly?

Bicycle crunch exercise is simple and effective and you can perform it anywhere you want with no problem at all. You don’t have to arrange expensive and huge exercise equipments to perform these exercise as you can do it simply on the floor or on a padding mat to support your body. Bicycle crunches are great exercises as they provide you everything you need to make turn yourself in a person with impressive physique and you can make your dream come true.

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