Get the body of a Greek God at home by building your own personal gym!

Have you ever thought about sculpting your body to look like a Greek gladiator or ‘adonis’? The dream of most men young or old is to get a ‘buff look’ that emphasises their strength and power. Men typically look up to idols like Arnold Schwarzenegger and aim to build a similar body to what he had in his prime. Although some men think they can’t achieve that look, with the right training equipment, you will be able to get closer to the dream of getting your desired look. Whether you are fat, slim, have a small gut or you are frail, you can make incredible changes to your body by adopting the right nutrition and exercise regimen that the professional bodybuilders use. You can sign up to the local gym, but what’s better is if you have your own personal exercise studio. Little Bloke Fitness have provided the following free weight recommendations for building a home gym studio setup that will help you get the perfect physique.

Upper body

If you want to perfect your look, you need to develop and sculpt the muscles in your upper body. This means developing your upper chest, shoulders, lats and back. You want to invest in equipment that will give you a full range of motion, while targeting specific muscles in your upper body.

The most versatile piece of equipment you can invest in is an adjustable bench and dumbbells. With these pieces of gym equipment, you will be able to target and sculpt your upper body muscles with the following exercises.

  • Incline dumbbell press – Upper chest
  • Flat dumbbell bench press – Chest
  • Dumbbell butterflies – Chest
  • Shoulder press – Shoulders
  • Lateral shoulder raise – shoulders
  • Dumbbell row – Back
  • Reverse lateral raise – Rear shoulders.

You can purchase dumbbell and benches as a package from $219.

Lower body

To perfectly round sculpt your body, you must also develop your legs, glutes and core. Many people don’t train legs as much as they should because it doesn’t really interest them as much as their upper body. However, muscle development in your legs will also trigger muscle growth and fat loss throughout your body. If you look at many of the top athletes who don athletic physiques, you will find that they train their legs 2 or 3 times per week. The best lower body exercises are usually squats or deadlifts. If you would like to incorporate a more dynamic movement that incorporates all of the body, you can also do power cleans.

You can invest in Squat stands with an Olympic barbell and locking collars from $399.


To condition the muscles on your body, you need to do cardiovascular exercises. Doing activities such as outdoor running and cycling is good; however you can get into a more productive routine by using cardiovascular equipment such as rowing, running, cycling and cross trainer machines. A good rule of thumb is to do 30-40 minutes of cardio a day (or to burn around 500 calories a day). However, your cardio activity must compliment your calorie surplus or deficit program. You can view exercise bikes and rowing machines here.

The good thing about this type of setup is that it is inexpensive. Many people will pay annual gym memberships of $500-$1000 every year when they could easily invest the same money into their own personal exercise studio at home and be more productive with their exercise routine. Furthermore, you won’t need to deal with the frustrations of waiting in line for the right gym equipment or having an excuse to miss out on training. If you want to change your body from flab to fab, consider investing in a gym setup in your own home.