Bodyweight Overload Review

If you search muscles building techniques and strategies, you can find TONS of information but most of it would be irrelevant or ineffective. Therefore, you must follow a properly developed plan for this purpose so you can achieve your desired body physique without going through the health related issues.

What is Bodyweight Overload Review?

Bodyweight Overload is a popular muscles and strength gaining program in which you simply use your own body weight. It requires only 8 weeks to show the progress. The bodyweight overload review has shown that there is a lot to learn in this system, however, you can have a glimpse at some of the exclusive things you will come through:

  • You will be following a 6-week plan as part of your training so you can get constant improvement in your body physique. The beauty of this plan is that you don’t have to use some kind of heavy equipment’s or machines.
  • You will learn about 2 Revolutionary Techniques which are believed to be amazingly fast and will get your simple exercises into muscles production machines.
  • The author has included seven advanced techniques which you can utilize to boost your metabolism. The improvement in your metabolism will greatly increase the fat burning process.
  • There is a safe nutritional plan which is simple yet so effective in shedding fat and building massive muscles. You will go through 12 delicious meals and if you include them in your diet menu, you will be surprised to see the results.
  • Your muscles building meals include a lots of ingredients which are quite common to find but the author has told about nine hidden ingredients that add fat to your mid region and therefore, you must know about them.
  • Most of important of all is the way to avoid dreaded plateau which be dealt with the help of periodization technique.

About Todd Kuslikis

Todd Kuslikis, the founder of, is the creator of Bodyweight Overload Program. He has also been working as celebrity brand Manager for NBC’s The Biggest Loser Contestants. Todd was also a skinny guy whose body was too difficult to be trained and it seemed almost impossible to pack on muscles. However, he tried hard, did lots of research and finally reveal the secrets to grow muscles.

What’s Included in the Package?

Bodyweight Overload is a complete package which includes everything necessary to make it an attractive and effective program.

  • Bodyweight Overload Full Program (55 Page PDF)
  • Bodyweight Overload 6 Week Workout Sheets
  • Meal Plan & Recipe Guide
  • Overload Video Library

Two Types of Packages

Option 1: Basic Bodyweight Overload Package

This is a 6-weeks program with a special discount. You will receive the following:

  • Bodyweight Overload eBook
  • Overload Workout sheets

Option 2: Full Bodyweight Overload Package… SUPER SAVINGS

This is also a 6-weeks program but it will allow you super savings and you will also get additional components.

  • Bodyweight Overload eBook
  • Overload Workout sheets
  • Meal Plan & Recipe Guide
  • Full Video Library

Full 1 Year Money Back Guarantee

Most of the program available online offer only two months money back guarantee but in case of Bodyweight Overload, you will receive Full 1 YEAR No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. This is definitely another unique feature of this program.


  • If you are under 16 years of your age, you most probably would not see the growth of muscle.
  • It is available only in digital form and if you want to get physical shipment, you can’t get it.
  • You will have to arrange a chin up bar which you can use while doing chin ups, pull ups, and many other exercises.


  • It is an effective plan which simply requires 8 weeks training.
  • The author has more than 10 years of training experience.
  • It is equally effective for both man and woman.
  • You can also include supplements as an additional support.
  • Even the newbies can use it effectively.
  • There is a full money back guarantee for 1 year.

Final Words – Bodyweight Overload Scam?

The overall review of Bodyweight Overload shows that it is really an effective program for gaining muscles. The feedback given by the real users from different regions of the world has been very positive and the most important thing about this program is that it has come up with full 1 year money back guarantee.