Beauty does not only end in the appearance of the face but also the body. Our body shape says a lot about us and enhances our beauty from inside out.. Apparently, when we talk about losing weight and work outs, people generally let it loose on fat and obese people. But do you know that some skinny people still needs to burn off some fats such as the belly fat or fat at the thigh to get a better and perfect shape leaving then curvy and astonishingly beautiful.

Losing weight and getting into shape is one most important yet difficult task for a lot of folks to successfully embark on. So many people finds it interesting at the beginning but with lose of consistency, difficult midway into it due to the long period of time given. If you are obese, chubby and wants to burn off some calories, this article is for you or skinny yet feel you have not achieve the perfect shape you desire especially when you watch your belly pop out on every dress you try on, this article is also for you. This article has been solely designed and well crafted to teach you how you can achieve your aim when it comes to shaping your body in just 20 days. Yes, you heard me right, in just 1,2,3,4,5… and 20 days. Let’s take you on the perfect wonders of the Bowflex Max Trainer M3.

Knowing what a Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is all about

Bowflex, a popular name when it comes to dealing with a trainer machine comes in different size, shapes and models and one of which is the Bowflex Max Trainer M3an eye catcher especially with the starter version. This is amongst the newly built version of a Bowflex trainer machine with a little drift in quality and features to yield productivity from the other trainer machines. This trainer uses same technology as the high rated premium model such as the M5 but has its whistles and bells trimmed down. The Trainer M3 built with a combination of a hair stair climber and half elliptical which allows you burns calories easier and more faster with smother movements.

The M3 is not known to cause any discomfort to users while in use because it gives you a natural feeling compared to other cardiovascular exercises – now that’s what makes it unique and outstanding making it a popular trend among those who wants to lose weight and tone muscles seamlessly. Max Trainer M3 helps you burn calories up to 2.5times your treadmill rate, amazing isn’t it?. The most interesting part of this trainer is that it is affordable, quite cheap that any work could lay their hands on. Although it has been underrated because it lacks some features of the high rated one (now that’s its only downside), its works perfect with little or no distinctive reason to as why a person could easily say Mar A uses an M5 while B uses the M3. Max Trainer M3 is simply the perfect fit to burn down your every unwanted calories bringing you to that lovely, younger look which could make your family and friends turn to call you beautiful. Having known what this trainer us all about, let us dig deep into the main course on how it will help one burn off over 20lbs in just 20days.

How does it work?

Max Trainer M3 is an easy-to-use workout device which helps you burn off unwanted calories causing fat to your body in just 20days. Yes you heard me right, with the Trainer M3 you can burn of to 20_lbs of calories in just 20 days. This process is mild compared to people having to do their workout for almost half a day. The M3 keeps you off all that stress yet provides a visible result in a few days time.

M3 opens you to just a 14minutes works daily. This 14minutes of workouts leaves you with a magical experience you never imagined. Like I said earlier, this process is mild and stress free. This workout session could last for just 5days in a week. A consistent use of this machine for 20days with just a 14minutes of workout each day has answers to all of your questions. In addition to this, applying the interval training work system is a positive advantage. Don’t panic, we will teach you how this system works.

Working of the training interval work system

The interval system is a great boost to achieving your workout goal in a short while, it helps you do a short burst intensity immediately followed by a slower cool down period. Periodically, you alternate between a 25-seconds burst and gradually grow into a 90-seconds burst as fast as you can at a moderate pace until your work out time us over. At the end of your 14minutes workout time, you should feel the impact of what you have done with lots of sweat and a high heart beat rate. This system can burn up to 300 calories depending on your thrust and the shape you are in. This helps you tone your muscles too.

As time progresses, you can opt for a two session in one day workout for a more effective result. In addition to all of these techniques, you can’t talk about shaping in leaving dieting aside. What you eat is of utmost importance and should never be neglected. So while you are on your journey to using the M3 for that perfect shape, also watch what you eat for a more better and effective result.

Pros and Cons of the M3

  • Workouts session are short, can accommodate persons with busy schedule
  • More calories are burnt with same length and intensity of workout you do
  • Stored and used only indoors
  • Does not produce noisy sound
  • Has no Bluetooth capability for tracking your progress
  • Heart rate and calories burnt can be monitored
  • Give a limit of only two workout session daily
  • All indicators are easy to read
  • Very small in size and could fit in any apartment.

Get ready to burn a good amount of calories and build real muscles using the Bowflex Max Trainer M3. It is rated amongst the best due to its high intensity and result oriented performance. Are you ready for a change, then let’s do this in just 20days shedding off 20lbs with the improved M3. Looking good is good business so let’s rock it the beautiful way.