Breast Lift Surgery – We Have Liftoff

There are three things in life that are inescapable: death, taxes, and gravity. 

Ptosis or breast sagging can occur at any life stage. Rapid or significant weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging all contribute to a woman’s bustline. It is normal, and, unless it causes you anxiety, self-consciousness, or chafing, you can continue to lead a normal life. 

But if you’ve worked hard to achieve your weight loss goals, or have raised your children, and you just haven’t bounced back to your youthful figure, breast lift surgery is an option. And though most women know when it is time to consider a breast lift, there is a simple, at-home test you can do. 

Defying Gravity

The “pencil test” can help determine if you’re a good candidate for mastopexy. If you place a pencil in the crease between the breast and upper abdomen and the pencil stays put when you take your hand away, you could benefit from a breast lift. But you can also judge by looking at your current nipple position. 

If you notice mild sagging — where your nipple is aligned with the crease in your breast you are experiencing what a majority of women experience as they age. If, however, your nipple is below the crease of the breast when you’re not wearing a bra, if they point downward, or if the skin on your breasts is noticeably stretched, you are an excellent candidate for a breast lift. 

Countdown to Fabulous

When looking for a plastic surgery in Dallas, you want to find a physician who understands both the cosmetic and aesthetic requirements of a mastopexy as well as the surgical expertise and anatomical education to deliver outstanding results.

Dr. William Carpenter has more than 24 years of experience in Dallas. After training in general surgery, he underwent specialty training at the Vanderbilt University Medical System. Recognized as a peer-selected Best Doctors in America, for excellence in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Carpenter has the experience and technique to help restore the volume and balance you desire. 

You can consult with Dr. Carpenter about your breast lift surgery, the incision methods that will work best with your particular breast shape and degree of ptosis, and the outcomes you’re hoping for. Sometimes, it might be necessary to combine surgical techniques in order to help you achieve your desired outcome. For example, many mothers elect to pursue a mommy makeover to address abdominal skin at the same time as their breast lift surgery. 

Life After Lift

Because this procedure involves removing excess skin and repositioning your natural breast tissue, you can expect some pain, usually in the form of tension, after surgery. The doctor will give guidance on when you can resume normal activities and will visit with you at a one-week, six-week, and six-month followup appointment. 

Working with a trusted plastic surgeon in Dallas like Dr. Carpenter is the first step to restoring a youthful, natural, and supple looking bustline — and your self confidence.