Build Big Deltoids Fast & Get The Best Results Within A Few Weeks

Shoulder exercises are not complete without the deltoid exercises. If you want to get the best cuts and muscular appeal for the shoulders, you need to know how to develop deltoids. Once you focus on this muscle group it will help in getting a well balanced upper body with equal proportions. Deltoids play a major role in the various lifting and intense exercises such as squats, bench press and other similar exercises.

People usually make three different mistakes while working on the shoulder. There are many people who only focus on the muscles of arms but do not build their shoulders. On the second point there are also many people who train their shoulders with the help of only traditional and few exercises. They do not focus on the exercises for shoulders and their different angles. In the third category there are few people who know how to train the shoulder area and its respective muscles with the help of different exercises and angles. For the first and second category it is very important to know the different exercises to build deltoids.

While working on your deltoids, you will need to perform three different sets with ten or twelve reps. If, you perform the exercises in a correct manner your shoulder routine will also be covered in the deltoid exercises. It is basically a small muscle group and you will not find a lot of difficulty in strengthening and building the muscles of this area.

deltoid exercises without weightsDeltoid Exercises

To work on these muscles you can make use of the later raises which can be performed seated or bent. For the seated exercises, you will need a bench to perform the exercises in a correct manner. To perform this exercise place yourself on the bench with your feet in front of you. Perform the exercise with the help of few reps and sets in the beginning and in the later stage continue increasing the reps and sets along with the weight. This will help in getting the best results.

Bent Over Raises

The bent over raises can be described as the best deltoid workout dumbbell. To perform these exercises bend yourself at the level of your waist and hold dumbbells in both of your hands. Make sure that your feet are placed at the width of your shoulders. You can manage the stress placed on lower back by bending your knees slightly. Your palms must face each other and there must be a tight bend at your elbows. Now start lifting the dumbbells in circular motion and make use of upper back. While holding the dumbbells, raise them and hold them at the same point for a few seconds.

High Rows

High rows are one of the best deltoid exercises without weights. You will need a cable pulley that has a rope firmly attached with it to perform he exercise. Those who exercise in gym regularly are well aware of this equipment as it is used for the triceps also. To perform this exercise move yourself a few steps away and the rope must be near to the level of your eyes. Now start flaring the rope outward and you will notice that the rear muscles are facing stress. For those who want to know how to strengthen deltoid muscles, this exercise is the best answer.


Pushups can help in building various muscles of the upper body region. Pushups can be used to build and tone chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abs, and forearms and back also. You can easily build deltoid muscles without the help of any gym equipment. It is one of the best exercises that you can easily perform at any place. All you need is a plain and smooth floor to perform he pushups. If you are starting this exercise for the first time, make sure that you perform a few reps and sets only. With the passage of time, you can increase the reps as your muscles start responding in a proper manner.

It is an effective workout for the deltoids without weights. You will need to perform this by placing yourself parallel to the floor. Place both of your hands on the floor and your toes slightly bent. Move yourself close to the floor and lift yourself up with the help of your arms. And position yourself there for a few seconds, this will allow the muscles to develop in the right manner. After some time of pushup exercises, you will notice that your upper body muscles are developing and looking impressive.

Now you know how to work your deltoids and get the best muscles. It is all about the exercise that you choose and perform in a systematic manner. Apart from the exercises, you will need a proper diet plan and plenty of rest to allow your muscles to repair and grow. Perform the deltoid exercise on alternate days and give a fair gap between the different days of exercise.