How to Build Muscles with Body Weights Resistance Training?

Workouts for body weight resistance training are considered to be extremely useful for gaining strength and muscles which in the result improve your overall body health. Here are some workouts that you can perform right at the comfort and privacy of your own home as they require no extra weight.

Body Resistance Training Workouts

  • Push-up

Push up is believed to be at the top among the most effective and useful exercises to sculpt and train upper body region. You don’t need to use extra weight as these workouts utilize your own body weight to generate maximum resistance.

  • Pull-up

Second resistant training workout is pull up which focuses to train your biceps. Some experts suggest not doing lots of pull-ups as this is hard and if you can’t do it, this would be quite embarrassing for you. However, pull-up is surely the best technique to train major muscle group in upper part of your body.

  • Crunches

The crunch is considered to be one of the most effective abdominal exercises and it is quite common. The main muscles which are targeted during this workout are rectus abdominis muscles and the obliques. You can restfully lie down on your back to do this extremely simple exercise.

  • Chin-up

Chin-up which is also known as a chin or chinup is a great strength gaining exercise and those who want to strengthen muscles quickly prefer to do chin ups very frequently. In fact, it is quite similar to the pull-up.

  • Wall push-ups

Wall push-ups technique is an ideal for those who are in the initial level of muscles building but it does not mean that it is not for advanced trainers. In fact, it is effective and useful for all levels and everyone can be benefited with this simple exercise. Regular form of push-ups works to train chest, arms, & shoulders while the wall push-ups are best alternative for those who are interested to gain strength and build muscles in their initial stage.

Add Your Workouts with Food & Supplement

What’s more important is to keep in mind the importance of nutrition which plays a vital role in building and strengthening muscles. You must have balanced and healthy diet throughout the day. You don’t need to eat heavy and large meals but small meals 4-6 times a day would be good enough to boost your metabolism.

Now the protein supplements are also suggested and the best thing about them is that you can easily include them in your routine life to increase the level of energy thought out the day.

Final Words

The above mentioned are some of the exercises for which you don’t need to arrange weight or join a gym but you can perform all of them at your home by using your own body weight. There are various other such exercises which will be extremely helpful for you to build all major regions of your body and simply need to choose the best of them so you can get maximum benefits from them.