Building Muscles With Shortcut To Size

Many people live a sedentary lifestyle. They have busy work schedules that prevent them from exercising. Some may be working out, but struggle to achieve their desired body physique. They might not be aware, but this life may lead to many health problems. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for having your desired body and health. Why? Because there’s a workout program called Shortcut to Size by Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. It’s a 12-week program intended to help and guide you gain muscles to your body. This article is a shortcut to size review that’ll detail why you need to involve yourself.

How It Works

This program has three phases, with each having four microcycles. One microcycle lasts a week. One phase lasts one month. Going through this program, you are to work out five days a week, one muscle group each day of the week. A workout session takes about one and a half hours. This timing depends on the time you take to rest between sets provided in the program and, the type of muscle you are working on at that moment.

When doing the shortcut to size program, you have to increase your workload volume over time. During the first week, you start with the lightest weight of 12 to 15 reps. On the second week, you are expected to hit 9 to 11 reps. Week three is about six to eight reps, and week four is a range of four to five reps. It aims to build muscles and strengthif you want to hit hypertrophy.

Advantages of Shortcut to Size

Some of the advantages of this program include the following:

  • It’s reliable. It’s not made for an individual but everyone. If you go through their website, Dr. Jim has lots of videos and guidelines that you can follow and learn how to handle all the routines.
  • It’s useful because you get to work out four days a week with three rest days. With these days your body is going to recover more, and you’ll be eager to work out. Your body will enjoy these days as it adapts to the changes it’s experiencing.
  • This exercise routine will enable you to have strength gains and better abs definition. You’ll like your body physique.

Disadvantages of Shortcut to Size

The disadvantages of this program include the following:

  • It doesn’t have any mobility or stretching. The workout seems to be generic and repetitive. For the most part, they seem to be the same exercises done every week. However, there’re some slight changes within phase two and three as far as the types of tasks done. Instead of doing jumbo row in the second phase, it might be a cable row or anything of that nature. If you like variations in the gym, you might find it unsuitable. Hitting the same muscle with different exercises would have made it more interesting.
  • For you to maintain your body and ensure that you don’t’ break down, stretching and foam rolling is necessary to prevent injuries. However, this kind of exercise isn’t in this program. For those starting as weightlifters, are aware that you should be stretching and foam rolling. The probability of breaking down is high due to the heavy workload. You become more prone to injuries the heavier you go.


If you are looking to gain muscles and weight, this program would be ideal for you. You’ll have wider arms and shoulders and, you’ll improve your health.