Burn Fat and Build Muscle with High Intensity Training


High intensity training is a fantastic way to burn fat and calories while building up the strength of every major muscle group. To get to know what high intensity training is all about, continue reading, and then head to a workout facility like Hit 180 Fitness that will provide you with all of the tools and experts you need to achieve the best results. After all, the right trainer and the right workout gear will make all the difference.

What Is High Intensity Training?

High intensity training, better known as HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is really growing in popularity because it’s so effective and can help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Research has shown that intervals, rather than sustained action, are actually better at building your body’s endurance level. During high intensity interval training, you’re alternating between short periods of low effort and short periods of high effort.

With this type of workout, you’re pushing the body towards its limits and trying to go as hard as possible before returning back to a low intensity routine to catch your breath and recover before diving right back into a tougher interval.

Burn More Body Fat in a Shorter Span of Time

High intensity training is the path to take if you want to burn the most fat possible and you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your workout every day.

Studies have found that you can burn a lot more fat during this type of workout than you would during a traditional low intensity and steady cardio session.

In other words, you can burn more fat when you’re completing four to six 30-second sprints with rest periods in between than you would if you were walking on an incline treadmill for an hour.

Keep Burning Fat After Your Workout

In addition to burning fat during your workout, high intensity training will change your body in other ways that will promote fat burning after you’re done.

For example, it boosts your muscles’ ability to melt fat and use it for energy, and it elevates the level of growth hormone so you can lose more fat. Plus, it increases catecholamine levels in the body. These are chemicals that will mobilize body fat for burning so you can slim down.

You’ll Burn Calories with a Higher Metabolic Rate

Another great reason to give high intensity interval training a try is because it’s known for increasing your metabolic rate not just for a few hours after you’re done working out, but for as long as a full 24 hours after you’re done.

Also, if you typically feel so hungry you end up eating too much after you exercise, high intensity training is the way to go because it will actually help to decrease your appetite after your workout, thereby helping you to avoid overeating and undoing your progress by consuming too many calories.

As you can see, there are a host of benefits associated with high intensity training, so definitely consider giving it a try to boost the effectiveness of your workout.