Can Prolessa Duo Curb Cravings? See what Herbalife Reviews Say

This Herbalife product review details the ingredients, benefits, and uses of Herbalife shakes and the Prolessa Duo formula mix. The primary ingredients of Prolessa Duo—conjugated linoleic acid and a blend of palm and oat oils—pair to promote weight loss and nutrition. 

Our Dual-Action Formula to Promote Overall Well-Being 

Many people interested in taking a nutritional supplement add the Herbalife Formula 1 mix to milk or water to create a protein-packed beverage. However, adding Prolessa Duo mix to the drink provides an extra benefit of appetite suppression.  

The two clinically tested ingredients in Prolessa Duo—conjugated linoleic acid and a blend of oat and palm oils—can help consumers reach their weight loss goals. Prolessa Duo also helps promote muscle maintenance in conjunction with a healthy exercise routine. 

A Program for Every Lifestyle 

Herbalife offers both 7-day and 30-day programs that support weight loss. Whether consumers want to sample the formula or are ready to commit to the 30-day program, they will experience a noticeable reduction in their daily caloric intake. 

It’s easy to enhance a Formula 1 routine by simply adding one scoop of Prolessa Duo to the shake and mixing for an additional five to ten seconds. That means there is no need to sacrifice flavor along a weight loss journey—users can enjoy all the flavors of the Herbalife shakes they already love. 

How to Make a Herbalife Prolessa Duo Shake 

Making a shake is simple and fast. The Formula 1 mix directs users to add eight ounces of nonfat or soy milk and thoroughly mix. After using their flavor of choice—or by mixing and matching flavors as desired—many people add in Personalized Protein Powder for an extra boost of 5 grams of protein and 20 calories. 

From there, they can also add the Prolessa Duo mix. Users should be sure to thoroughly incorporate the formula by mixing for at least five seconds, up to ten seconds. It can also be added to milk or yogurt. For best results, the Prolessa Duo formula mix should only be used once per day. 

Consistency Is Key 

Practice makes perfect, and a healthy lifestyle requires healthy habits. The best time to make Herbalife shakes depends on the user’s schedule but can also help with building a more consistent schedule. 

Whether consumers prefer to enjoy their Prolessa Duo in the morning or the afternoon, they can develop a more healthy routine along with their shake schedule as a holistic approach to creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

Preparing a shake in the morning upon waking can start the day the right way. Alternatively, a shake can be great as an afternoon snack, whether prepared with water, milk, or yogurt. However, it’s important to note that Prolessa Duo is not compatible with acidic or hot liquids. 

More Herbalife Products to Explore

Plenty of products work in conjunction with one another to provide nutritional and weight loss benefits. Herbalife offers an array of shakes, teas, and other formulas with various flavors and benefits. 

More information about Prolessa Duo is available by watching Herbalife’s informational and tutorial videos. 

Taking a Step in the Right Direction 

Simplifying nutritional and weight loss routines can provide peace of mind and confidence. Incorporating Herbalife shakes into a morning or afternoon regimen helps build and develop healthy and sustainable habits. It is essential to keep a healthy mindset with plenty of positivity. A healthy lifestyle is not achieved overnight. However, adding Herbalife products to the routine can make an incredible difference in life and overall health.