Can you use an inversion table with high blood pressure?

If you ask in general whether you should use inversion table for therapy, the answer would be in yes. There are hundreds of benefits you can get from inversion tables. However, there are some concerns among the masses. These concerns are right but the studies prove they are quite fine to be used when if you suffer from high blood pressure. The inversion table doesn’t not only improve your blood circulation, it provides great support in back pain relief as well.

People with blood pressure issues (or even without any they know of) should take time to acclimate to this gradually. I do think that so long as you don’t stroke and take time to recover, that maybe this will make you more resistant to pressure issues and maybe even lessen them. In sort of a similar way that generic exercise does this with toughening the circulatory system and giving it elasticity.

Not going all the way over (some tables have straps to stop you at certain angles like 60/45/30 and staying for brief periods and going back up, even if it’s not all the way up, I think it is called oscillating going back and forth like this.

Inversion lengthens the spine, which increases the spaces between your vertebrae. This, in turn, releases the pressures on your nerve roots, discs, and ligaments. Inversion is the best therapy to reduce the stress levels your back pain brings you. Muscle tension in the spine can be relieved as much as 35% in the first ten seconds of therapy.

As inversion therapy works to improve your circulation, you also accelerate the time it takes your body to clean your blood and lymph fluids. While upside down your body stretches, re-aligning and strengthening your ligaments. It also helps to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, and, due to a better blood flow, may help reduce varicose veins.

As you go about your daily life your body starts to compress due to the laws of gravity. Inversion therapy (at a miniscule 25°) for just a few minutes will help you relax those tense muscles, and speed up the flow of your lymphatic fluids. These fluids are responsible for flushing out bodily wastes, and carrying them to your blood stream. The quicker this waste is removed and replaced with oxygen, the quicker pain and stiffness in your muscles will disappear.

There are many different types and brands of inversion tables. Before you put cost at the top of your list, be sure to read a lot of reviews. A lot of manufacturers will use cheap materials that usually result in poorly made products that break too quickly. Instead, look for these two important safety considerations: you want to be sure of the stability of each inversion table, as well as the overall safety when using the device. Be sure you can control the inversion table when you are on it. Also, make sure all instructions for assembly, use and storage are included with whatever device you choose. Pick wisely and you will enjoy the maximum benefits of a relaxing inversion therapy session for years to come.