Cannabis extract as powder, solid, and oil – The many forms of natural cure

With the demand for medical marijuana on the rise across Australia, it has become necessary to learn about cannabis products for every responsible cannabis user. Today, cannabis extracts reign over every online CBD and cannabis product website you can find. More than one-third of their “menu” offers different varieties of extracts from the cannabis or hemp plants. 

What should you try cannabis extracts?

There is enough reason for cannabis extracts to skyrocket to the epitome of popularity among users of all ages – it offers the best therapeutic effects of the naturally occurring plant. There is no need to smoke the dried plant parts or vape. You can directly consume the flavoured or unflavoured cannabis extracts by either mixing it in your smoothies or fruit juice. They can complement your juice fast, vegan diet or keto diet perfectly without adding any side effects. There is no smoke involved in the process of consumption of cannabis extracts at all. 

The two most popular variants of cannabis extracts include the pure CBD oil that has between 0% to 0.3% THC and the full spectrum cannabis extract that contain THC. The first one offers all sorts of medicinal benefits, including analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The second one can also provide the same along with mild to strong psychogenic effects depending on the concentration of THC. Although many research papers focus exclusively on pure CBD extracts, the entourage effect of broad spectrum and full spectrum cannabis extracts shifts the focus of all users to the variants containing the entire repertoire of phytocannabinoids. 

Where does cannabis extract come from?

All the active ingredients in the cannabis extract come from the small resinous glands. These are crystal-like external glands – trichomes and the manufacturers use a variety of methods including mechanical and solvent-based ones to extract the active compounds from the trichomes of the cannabis plants. The variation in the processes of extraction often influences the composition of individual cannabis extracts. The cultivar of the plant also affects the distribution of the trichomes and their contents. 

Why is cannabis extract excellent for non-smokers?

Cannabis extracts are excellent if you are a non-smoker. Several extracts are naturally rich in certain phytocannabinoids. For example, an extract with a significant level of CBN can help you fight insomnia and delayed onset of sleep. Other extracts with an exceptionally high concentration of THC-A can help you find relief from acute pain without any significant alteration in your mood. The manufacturer can manipulate the level of particular compounds in the extract by making slight alterations in the extraction process. Therefore, cannabis extracts are your go-to solution for attaining precise dosing and highly specific actions.

How do you use cannabis extract?

Cannabis extracts come in various forms. They can be powdered, solid or a liquid mixture. The most common types of extracts the people find convenience to consume are powders and oils. The majority of all cannabis oils don’t mix with water entirely and form an emulsion. As a result, medical cannabis users prefer taking their regular dose with flavoured drinks, including bubble tea, soda, fresh pressure juice, and smoothies. Some try mixing the powdered extracts with their food. As long as you are opting for pleasantly flavoured extracts, you should not face any difficulty mixing them with food and/or drinks during consumption.

Many suffering from local pain often mixes cannabis extracts with their topical ointment or existing pain ointment. These extracts are great for skin health, and people suffering from acne problems report fewer breakouts after mixing CBD extracts with their regular acne creams. Marijuana extracts are efficient in treating numerous skin conditions, including hives (allergies), rashes, dermatitis and chronic dryness. Some patients diagnosed with psoriasis report better results after mixing non-flavoured cannabis extracts with general emollients — the phytocannabinoids ease up the localized itching and swelling. Therefore, CBD extracts are popular among those with sensitive skin. 

Is the consumption of cannabis oil safe?

According to data from the National Institute of Health (NIH), there is evidence that cannabis oil, as well as CBD, extract help in reducing anxiety, stress and other mental health problems. In the US, the FDA has approved the use of cannabis-derived medication for the treatment and management of epileptic seizures (a rare form) in both adults and children. CBD oil is becoming hugely popular in Australia across all age groups, according to There have been several studies on the relaxing effects of cannabis oil on autistic children. Several studies show that children diagnosed with ADHD receiving cannabis oil treatment show improvement in learning and concentration over time. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that CBD-rich cannabis extract is safe for consumption. However, the safe quantity of cannabis oil is still controversial since the dose can vary significantly from one individual to another. The dose will depend on a person’s age, health conditions, metabolism and existing medication. Although no studies indicate the interaction of CBD and other cannabinoids with other drugs, people should always consult their GP or specialist before beginning a cannabis oil treatment. There are a few studies that show that CBD can increase the half-life of certain medicinal compounds in the body. 

A word of precaution before you buy cannabis extract

Cannabis extract typically comes from different species of the cannabis plant. If you are looking for CBD extracts, you might find manufacturers that sell CBD extracted from hemp plants. However, hemp oil and cannabis oil are not synonymous. In fact, hemp oil does not contain any CBD at all since it comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. You must ensure that you are buying cannabis oil or extracts with specific cannabinoid extracts only if you want to see the desired effects. 

When you are looking to buy marijuana extracts, you should always purchase from a reliable manufacturer. The extraction process is quite complicated, and it requires standardized equipment and procedures. The absence of federal regulation can create quality control problems. It is best to only buy cannabis and related products from sources that comply with third-party lab testing.