Carb Blockers – For That Extra Weight Loss Kick!

The perfect formula for a healthy weight loss program is unfortunately still unknown. For many years researchers have studied this diet and that diet and the effect of exercise on weight loss. There is a general consensus that exercise is helpful for weight loss. But the issue of diet still remains a large debate.

There is, however, strong research showing that excessively high levels of carbohydrates contribute in a major way to fat storage. Fortunately, there is help. There are a variety of natural supplements available called carb blockers. These supplements essentially reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from food as well as helping the breakdown of stored fat. Check out Consumer Advisors for expert reviews on several brands of carb blockers from different manufacturers.

Carb Blockers

The effect of high carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are broken down in the intestine and absorbed as simple sugars. These sugars then enter the blood via the intestinal wall and raise the levels of blood glucose. When levels of blood glucose rise, cells in the pancreas release a hormone called insulin. Insulin acts on essentially all kinds of cells in the body and causes them to take up the glucose that is in the blood and to store it as fat. But, insulin has other effects too, such as enhancing the feelings of hunger and reducing the feelings of fullness.

This means that taking in excessive carbohydrates can lead to a vicious cycle of increased hunger, which can lead to increased carbohydrate intake and even more fat storage!

Carbohydrates are not all bad, just watch out for sugar

Carbohydrates are not inherently bad for your health. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for muscles and organs. A small portion of the carbohydrates in a cell are not stored as fat but rather as a substance called glycogen. This serves as an emergency source of carbohydrates should the simple sugars run out.

The problem is that many foods, especially processed ones, contain very high levels of sugar. Without even realizing it, a person can take in over 5 times their recommended daily allowance. Sugar is a very simple carbohydrate and it breaks down quickly and is absorbed quickly. This causes a massive insulin spike and a feeling of hunger very shortly afterwards.

Long term consumption of sugar can actually lead to a phenomenon known as metabolic reprogramming, which causes the body to rely on sugar much more strongly than it would normally. In fact, considering the high levels of sugar that most foods contain, it is unlikely that there are many individuals who are not metabolically reprogrammed to rely on sugar. This is one of the leading causes of obesity in America.

The body has other sources of glucose

When the levels of glucose in the blood drop too low the body can either produce more by breaking down glycogen or it can even create completely new glucose from fat and protein sources. Many of the amino acids that make up proteins can enter the same energy pathways as glucose. More importantly, a low blood glucose causes the release of a hormone called glucagon which induces fat cells to break down their fat to form more glucose. This process also generates a lot of energy.

Carb Blockers

How carb blockers help

Carb blockers contain substances that reduce the breakdown of the large carbohydrate molecules into small and simple sugars. In their large form, these carbohydrates can’t be absorbed and so do not cause an increase in insulin. They also contain substances which facilitate the breakdown of fat molecules stored in fat cells. When taken regularly with a fairly healthy diet, they can combat the effects of high sugar foods.  When this is combined with exercise,  weight loss becomes a much simpler task. This of course helps a person to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Since it is so difficult to avoid the high levels of sugars that are present in most of our foods, it is refreshing to know that there are natural supplements out there that can help. Carb blockers are backed by strong scientific research and are therefore likely to be effective for every individual. So consider adding a carb blocker to your diet to help you live a healthier lifestyle.