CBD cuts my workout recovery in half

Hey! Ever heard of PTSD? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Well, leave that ever heard of inflammation? When you’re partying all night and the next day your muscles are sore, that my friend is tissue inflammation.

BTW, are you a gym freak by any chance? Must be following a well planned routine. I bet leg days are the toughest. You know why? That’s because our human body is like a machine, it requires thorough care from the inside too. Gyming and all fitness training is taking care of your body from the outside, making it look good. But all is in vain if your body pains. Professional bodybuilders and athletes have a well planned post workout recovery regime. This regime is to give the body necessary post workout care and prepare it well for the next day.

In earlier days if you asked a professional bodybuilder they would give you a detailed 10 page plan as to how to best recover after a workout. This involved costly proteins, rare vegetables and god know what supplements. In time you would realise that post workout recovery is an equivalent investment when compared to gyming costs and the time investment. Since 2014, this trend has changed drastically, people found a new alternative, an all in one source of recovery. One that reduced their post workout recovery into half.

That my friend is CBD.

Yes! CBD, the world infamous gateway to carelessness.

Just kidding!

Why CBD?

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound dominantly present in Hemp plant of the cannabis family. Recent relaxation in CBD laws has ushered in the era of CBD infused products for every aspect of our lives. If you look at it. Our bodies are made up of bones, muscles and fats. Our everyday hustle leaves the body all worked out and in pain. Morning gym sessions followed by stressful office hours leaves no time for our body to regain its lost energy.

Living our daily lives we tend to be reckless with our bodies, we twist, dance, move, stress, work out and party. This leaves all kinds of bodily fluids floating around in our stomach. These bodily fluids are necessary to be absorbed in our body parts rather than float around, unused, undigested. There is a system in our body that controls and regulates the use and release of these fluids. It is called the Endocannabinoid system. When this system is imbalanced our body aches and pains in places causing discomfort and stress. It is important to replenish our body post workout or post a stressful day.

The ECS and CBD

The endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid i.e. CBD are like family friends. There are numerous CB receptors spread all across our body. When CBD enters our body it is a perfect match for these receptors and it gives the perfect balance to this system and helps in faster recovery. CBD is scientifically proposed to be a muscle relaxant and stress reliever. CBD for workout recovery, CBD for muscle recovery, CBD for muscle pain anything that you need, whichever is your deal if you are open to an organic supplement then you should look at CBD. Ease inflammation, effectively reduce muscle spasms, relieve your pain and anxiety, soundlike something you would want to do? CBD for muscle recovery was not popular a few years ago, ever since mass legalisation of CBD around the world scientists, physicians and doctors has been providing sufficient proof that this naturally occurring compound really is beneficial for you. It is known to reduce stress and alleviating mood while at the same time working on our body to give us internal benefits too. The mood upliftment helps us sleep better and give our body the necessary time to recover. While internally it acts as an anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant.

CBD for pain and muscle recovery

There are various ways to use CBD for post workout recovery. Most popular amongst them are:

  • Hemp Oil

Hemp oil extract from the plant is a tincture which is a perfect blend of essential terpenes and CBD. You can use this oil as an additive in food or beverages making this an easy addition to your diet.

  • CBD roll on

A CBD roll on is a mix of essential oils, terpenes, menthol and CBD. These roll ons are a quick heal solution for muscle cramps and sudden sore muscles. They relax your body and repair your inflammatory muscle tissues.

  • CBD salve

Salve is a cream that can be applied to specific parts of our body that are in excruciating pain. CBD dissolves in our skins and almost instantly starts working on that particular part of our body. Gently apply the content and let it be.

  • CBD Topical Oil

CBD topical oils can be used as an external agent which should be used while massaging your body inorder to infuse the beneficial effects of CBD with your massage.

  • CBD patch

A CBD patch gives your body direct access to multi-spectrum CBD by reacting directly with your skin. For sore muscles to recover faster, a CBD patch work wonders while you’re fast asleep. Ideally applied to sore parts of your body.

  • CBD lotion

A CBD lotion is another form of topical that is for frequent use, once applied to the skin CBD molecules enter our body through skin pores and deliver skin protection and pain relief at the same time.

  • Hemp Oil Liposomes

CBD oil is a rather concentrated form of CBD, a CBD liposome is soluble CBD in a water packet, upon entering our body the water packets dissolve faster and you can notice the effects almost instantaneously.

  • CBD capsules

Much like other protein capsules, CBD capsules are tablets that contain a mixture of essential terpenes and full spectrum CBD, this is god for increasing your appetite while cleaning your stomach too.

  • CBD edible bars

Protein bars have been a go to snack for trainers to gain the much needed intra workout energy. CBD infused bars contain all the goodness of protein with all the beneficial effects of CBD.

  • CBD protein powder

CBD protein powder as the name suggests is a mix of essential amino acids, BCAAs coupled with nourishing CBD molecules. One shake can give you the energy for a stressful day ahead.

  • CBD Vape pens

A safer alternative to smoking CBD flowers is smoking a CBD Vape pen, these are electronic cigarettes that give you all the happiness of smoking a bud minus the harmful chemicals.

  • CBD Bath salts

Deep soaked salt baths are an instant go to post workout, mix this with CBD bath salts and you will have a rejuvenation bath at your disposal. CBD bath salts are a mix of CBD and essential bath salts that are ready to give you fresher than ever feel.


All said and done, CBD is an organic supplement. CBD for post workout recovery is a logical option that one should read about before judging and striking off the list. The endocannabinoid system is closely linked to each and every part of our body. Hence if you are planning to use CBD don’t worry you are safe. Although you might want to consult your dietician or gym trainers to know specific ways to infuse CBD into your personal muscle recovery regime.