Chain Press Exercise – The Steps

If you ask bodybuilders what is the muscle on which they spend most of their training time, the majority of them will reply “Chest Muscles”. If you further ask what is the exercise on which they spend most of their time to build chest muscles? There will be mixed replies as different people use different types of exercises for this purpose. However, there is still one exercise which suits almost everyone working with chest muscles and that is chain press.

  • The Chain Press is a type of power lifting in which the major target is chest while the other muscles get involved are shoulders and triceps.
  • Basically, this exercise is for those who are now training in their intermediate level. Because of the level of difficulty involved in this exercise, it is not usually suggested to the beginners.
  • As equipment you don’t have to use some kind of heavy or huge machine as you simply need to have chains and to support your body a flat bench.

How to Perform Chain Press?

  • When you get ready to perform chain press, connect the chains properly with the cable handles. Make sure that they are properly connected before you use them.
  • Lie down on the bench same like you do when you do bench press with dumbbell.
  • Hold the handles of the chains and keep your arms in a perpendicular position to the ground surface.
  • When you have taken the position, bend your elbows and lower down the chains. When you flex your elbows, this will make a 90 degree angle which will be your last position before you move back the motion.